Walked up in the spot about 11pm, and 193 Prince Street’s  House of Horology was already live. Devyne was in the middle of conversation but still yelled, “Yo, what you want?” one hand pointing to me, the other at the bartender. The 1800 Tequila was just about gone (except for the stashed bottle in the back) and an array of beautiful people sat on couches just… enjoying life at an event that was exactly as House of Horology intended –  “fashionable without being over-designed, sturdy without being clunky, and beautifully crafted without an insane price tag.” Both the people and the product were something to look at, and when you got a closer look, they were even more amazing. 

        House of Horology provides a selection of timepieces designed to navigate any situation or event. The sporty face is juxtaposed by a leather band, matching sleek to style. Most of the watches feature the same face in your choice of color – red, green, orange, blue, yellow and white.  The Bedlam Light Brown   switches up with a band to match. The yellow details on the face are a perfect pairing for the band’s brown. Since it’s the only version with a different band, this one stood out the most to me. Not to mention, it was displayed in a dope a$$ coffin-like case, decorated with skulls to make it live.  The most impressive versions, in my opinion, were the green and the orange.


     My favorite watch was the Bedlam Light Black. The only bad thing about it is that I didn’t see it in person 😦 Initially, I thought the numbers were completely gone from the design, but upon close inspection, they’re actually just lightened & it’s #DOPE.  This watch just gives me a really classy Movado feel while maintaining it’s essence of versatility and normality.   It’s like… if Movado and G-Shock had a baby. Still, the cheapest men’s Movado will run you $295 while the most expensive G-Shock goes for $600. In comparison to competitors, House of Horology watches feature “luxurious components, a cutting-edge design, and a down-to-earth price. [The company believes] customers are individuals, not sales figures or walking wallets.” For this reason, HOH watches are at a price point for those who value luxury…. but got other sh*t to do. They actually care about how their product is made, making sure include information galore where ever you click or look. At the event, all black books outlining each of the watches as well as company information sat regally on the tables as the watches in their glass boxes.
      Speaking of other sh*t to do, the most interesting thing about HOH is their mission and mode of living. I’ll let them speak for themselves for a second:
House of Holorlogy – “Bedlam Light Dark”

“AT HOH, we believe in a lot of things.
 We believe that anything is possible. We believe you create your own reality. We believe that if you want something and aren’t afraid to reach for it, the universe will welcome you with open arms.” – excerpt from houseofhorology.com

     The event I attended wasn’t the “right” one, but it was perfect. I was actually supposed to attend the day viewing, but had  “sh*t to do” 😦 DJ Whoo Kid was on the tables & all that. But the night could attend, I didn’t miss out on a thing. I met a bunch of fabulous people including Chery of BostonChery.com, who explained to me that all arts are the same, we just use different senses. I got yelled at by Stat because I should have recognized him, but I’m terrible with people/names/anything outside my own life.  I shared lip gloss with a fab doll by the well-deserved name of Bubbles. I have yet to find her online, but when I do 😉 Also, the beautiful and talented Donna Missal graced the crowd with a heartfelt selection of original music. Ken De Poto joined her on the strings with an equally graceful musical accompaniment.  The duo was as playfully serious about their music as HOH is about their timepieces. The expressions of art I experienced that night are surely meant to enjoy for a time to come. Good sh*t everybody 🙂
Ayo HOH! Can I get a ladies watch, tho?!!? 
Nothin but Love, 
Donna Missal with Ken De Poto performing at HOH – “Hype”
House of Horology – “Craftsmanship”