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 JWWWD Magazine is an online publication focused on promoting freedom and equality for the pursuit of happiness.  Everything I write is simply a detailing of my personal experience, to illustrate that each on of us has a singular, special interaction with the world, that we inevitably learn from – we have plenty to teach each other.  JWWWD Magazine was created in hopes to shed light on the beauty and variety of our differences, encouraging everyone to be themselves, exactly as they wanna be!  JWWWD team members strive towards the ultimate goal of being able to do what they want, when they want to – spiritual and financial freedom. Feature stories are written at leisure, according to no schedules. We favor no particular genres and encourage our readers to learn as much as possible about this world, and maximize our enjoyment of it. In the meantime, I figure I’ll show you what I think is dope; honestly.

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COMPANY: Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics Spa Day

COMPANY: Devyne Enterprises – Artist Management

ARTIST: Mills Da Comedian

ARTIST: 24/7 by Hollywood of Brooklyn

ARTIST: Frédéric Chopin

EVENT: The Industry Alternative Artist Showcase

EVENT: Emerge Fall 2013 Fashion Show

EVENT: Giving is Glamorous: Charity Event Sponsored by City Girl Project

EVENT: Brooklyn Volunteering with Million Trees NYC

Book: 1984 by George Orwell

Book: Existentialism by Jean Paul Satre

Fragrance: Young & Fresh by Carissa Rosario

CLOTHING: ISeenThos (Queens, NY)

CLOTHING: Glam Addiction Designs (Brooklyn, NY)

POLITICS: State of the Union 2013

POLITICS: 2013 Presidential Debates