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Hometown: Central Falls, Rhode Island

Current City: Brooklyn, New York

Ethnicity:  American (Dominican + Cuban + Chinese, but they’d say I’m doing too much.)

Best feature: I don’t lie.

High School: Moses Brown School, Providence, RI, 2006

College: Loyola University in Maryland,  Baltimore, MD 2010  – Bachelor’s of Communications, Specializing in Advertising; Minor in Writing.

Magazine PublisherWriter/ Advice ColumnistMusic ArtistModelActress

Ella’s Ultimate Dream:

What I really want to do, is whatever I wanna do.  What I really want to be is free.  I write on whatever makes me happy –whatever emotion I need to release or whatever I think happens to be dope. I also write on whatever I get into —modeling, acting, singing, whatever makes me smile –Mostly, I just try to guide myself on the most peaceful path towards my goals & write my thoughts down on my  “Ask ELLA” column, which tackles questions of Love and Life as I live my own journey in that cliché pursuit of happiness. Can you be great in your career, chase your wildest dreams and still be a normal woman, to establish maintain and grow a family? Does a woman have to choose between success in her career and success in her personal life? I’m one of those “independent” women who’s used to scaring off fragile men and fake friends, is there hope? As I wonder, I know that I can’t quite tell you the exact footsteps to get ther – I’m not “there” yet myself. What I do know is that my destiny is my own, and I can do whatever I put my mind to.  I figure I’ll put myself on the front line and give it an honest try, for freedom’s sake.

My goal is provide people, particularly young women who resemble me, footprints as encouragement, whether they agree with me or not. For the JWWWD team, I hope to provide safe and comfortable spaces for writers to share with pleasure and without pressure. I believe it is every individual’s responsibility to be conscious leaders, responsible for their actions, in hopes to improve generations to come. I lend my thoughts because I believe that in order for people to act positively, they must think positively. But you can’t teach people to think… or can you?  I want to be a role model. I’m ready to lead.

I’m a girl from nowhere and all of a sudden, I’m everything.  & now they call me ELLA & I’m ready to respond.

Stay tuned, Xo

Ella’s 9-to-5:

Advertising Production, Calvin Klein Inc., CRK Creative Studio


For Calvin Klein’s creative studio, I manage the production retouching timelines for all web asset needs, ensuring all files are approved and delivered by launch date. I am the point person for imagery hosted on Calvin Klein’s e-commerce site, brand site and digital advertise campaign buys world-wide.  Having been promoted from print production, I occasionally assist in the fulfillment of Calvin Klein’s global print advertising campaigns as well. Go ahead & shop, I could use a raise —


Ella’s Entrepreneurial Business Venture:

Founding Editor, Just What We Wanna Do (JWWWD), The Online Magazine for Real People.


After having  founded the online magazine in 2010, I contribute to the publication as an the columnist for the “Ask ELLA” column.  My writing focuses on questions regarding “Love and Life”, in an attempt to provide personal reflection and positive guidance from my own perspective of life’s journey towards achievement and personal fulfillment. Advice is limited to guidance I have given to and taken myself.  The mission of JWWWD Magazine is to illustrate freedom and acceptance by unchaining writers from deadlines and schedules, focusing on their personal progress and enjoyment.  Just What We Wanna Do encourages writers and readers alike to move steadfast in the direction of their dreams, putting in whatever work is required to attain your destined prize. We believe in the freedom to do what makes you happy, with the personal responsibility of making sure it happens. If you want to do it, the first thing you’ve got to do is begin. – Please visit

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