Eve is back & that’s the part I can’t fully get passed. The rapper/actress released her 4th studio album after an 11-year hiatus from recording music. Having been focusing on acting and her rumored beau, Maximillion Cooper, London’s newest resident is back in hip-hop riding the “bow-down”wave.

Track Listing:
1. “EVE” f. Miss Kitty
2. “She Bad Bad”
3. “Make It Out This Town” f. Gabe Saporta
4. “All Night” feat. Propain
5. “Keep Me From You” f. Dawn Richard
6. “Wanna Be” f. Missy Elliott and Nacho
7. “Mama in the Kitchen” f. Snoop Lion
8. “Grind or Die”
9. “Zero Below”
10. “Forgive Me”
11. “Never Gone” f. Chrisette Michele
12. “She Bad Bad (Remix)” f. Pusha T and Juicy J
       I love Eve. Let There be Eve was the first CD I owned. Since 1999, I’ve admired the artist and her courage. Her lyrics today are are brazen as they were back in the day but, as a female myself, there is only but so much of “I’m the greatest” I can take. I can also take so much from a woman dating a man I wouldn’t let touch me. But here’s the thing: No one cares what I think about Eve. & What does her personal life have to do with her music any how? For me, her personal life is her music. Personally, I wonder how she feels about interracial relationships. I would love to hear what she an Halle Berry have to say. Still, I can’t let go of my personal feelings to take Eve to heart. She’s mean with a pen, but I’m not sure I take anything she says seriously because I think she leaves important details out and I question why. When someone won’t talk, you wonder what they’re afraid of.  She came out major in ’99 and released her 2013 album proclaiming herself at the top of the game, as if we ever placed her there. She’s nice, but… c’mon. I’m still skeptical about come-back artists. Eve, to me, is the female Jadakiss: She will always be nice, but I’m not sure how much her image really sells. I haven’t forgotten that she’s a re-born stripper. Does the public ever forget? More importantly, will it forgive? Or should we not speak on it? is that why this album is named Lip Lock? Nope. “I call the new record Lip Lock because it’s about locking the game back down,” she announced. Consider yourself under the microscope, then.
       When I listen to and observe female artists, I have to take a good look at myself. I’ll be judge according to the same standards. I wonder how much we accept people for who they truly are. I can’t bring myself to think about a person and only think about a part of them. Do artists really improve, or do they make enough money to hire a better stylist and spend more on hair and make-up? Just recently, I’ve been hearing more about how “bad” Eve is… was she always? I mean, I thought she was, but that wasn’t the first comment made about her, was it? I hate to put a negative spin on this but, it’s the truth of how I feel.
    Like her last projects, I enjoy a few tracks on this album. I groove to “She Bad, Bad” and “All Night” but the track listing is mostly braggadocio on Eve’s part. As an artist myself, it’s tough for me to chant someone else’s name, and Eve rightfully loves to cheer for herself. Then there’s “Make It Out This Town” which give a bit of a message, but also gets a bit corny at times, particularly closer towards the hook.
The most interesting track may very well be “Make It Out This Town,” a collaboration with Cobra Starship front-man Gabe Saporta and produced by Claude Kelly. “It’s got a really, really big hook,” said Eve. “Working with other musicians can be exciting as it gives the songs a different energy.”  eve-world.com
 I just don’t fully digest Eve’s delivery on this track. Feels phony or forced, but most track like these do. Her word placement is as uncomfortable as the subject matter, but I appreciate her giving us something with substance. Eve’s “substance,” though, is really just emotion. She gives you exactly how she feels, as raw as it comes. This time, it was corny, but… appreciated nonetheless.
My final thought is this: Hip-hop has changed a little bit in these passed 11 years. Can I get some art, please?
You know what they say, if you want something done…*shrugs*
Congrats, Eve. Cuz you might or might not need those dollars.