Before I could even get my makeup on, the photo shoot was over. What would you do if you traveled for hours to get to a photo shoot, and then the camera breaks, and all you have left is a flip recorder the age of a spoiled toddler? Me? I make shit happen. Impressive is what I do best. Fate is a b*tch, but it’s her that makes me shine.  We ended up making a short, impromptu film in which I played a gangsta wife –another thing I do best 🙂
I showed up umm… 3 and a half hours late to my photo shoot. I took a ferry over to Govenor’s Island last Saturday to meet the other JT Gaze models and start the summer right. As I finished my $6 cookies-n-creme ice cream, Jay walked over and said something that ended with “and then it fell”. I prayed he wasn’t talking about the camera… but he sure was. When you’re shooting with Jay, something is bound to happen – and that’s the beauty of it. It’s all about who can roll with the punches.

My favorite thing about JT Gaze Models is… the models. And Jay 🙂 I’m so comfortable with him as a director that I can actually try without feeling like an idiot. I’ve wanted to get more into acting for various reasons but I can never get over the fact that you’re just faking an entire scenario. It’s fun though. It’s like being a kid again and making up a pretend world, except I’m finally Barbie (by a doper name).  The models I meet are usually the best f people –they’re just so creative.

Angelica and Smiley are my new favs. This was Angelica’s second photo shoot and her first time on film. Most of what I’ve done has been with Jay, so he pairs me with folk I’ll work well with. As the clock ticked and we had no real camera to shoot stills with, Gelz and I matched wits and devised an entire short film. It was dope. Jay pulled a toy gun from his bag and said, “I’ve been obsessed with killing people lately,” and from there, we made magic lol.

If it’s not about the quality, it’s about the work you put in to perfect it. We’re all rookies. Still, I thought it was phenomenal how we could throw this scene together so quickly. Gelz and I vibed so very well that the scene and the dialogue felt natural between us. She was a doll. I loved how sensitive everyone was to the issues. We didn’t want Gelz to be a whore (lol), we had to wait for Smiley to get there to make sure he was ok with being my shooter (he was later than me! And very happy to hold the pistol lol). Stella, Smiley’s friend, wasn’t there to act, but graciously played an extra. I forget the last one’s name cuz it was tough (started with an A) but he was almost gay for the project. We had an idea about my “husband” cheating on me with another man (that model left early) and we wanted to make sure the murders couldn’t be interpreted as hate crimes. As for myself, I got to watch myself on film and see things I don’t like. For example, that’s the most terrible pony tail I’ve ever done to myself. It looks fine on photo, but film, not so much lol. & I do all this nervous stuff with my hands. Seems gangsta, but I just didn’t know what to do. Guess I’m learning 🙂

It was actually a really good time. We had so much fun, you can hear us laughing at the end of the film. I love that. I can’t wait to do more!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Check the stills and the film below. We’re a brilliant mess ❤

S/O to the JTGaze Models!