On May 18th, Bobby Stone held his 3rd indie/unsigned artist concert in Brooklyn, NY – and it was dope.   The New Old School is the title of Stone’s latest music project – the concert being the official release party -as well as the guide for his craft and crowd: An old school feel, with The New School appeal. Not only was I excited to participate,  but I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen by a crowd with such a specific (and dope) “genre” of sorts.


       Events like this are nothing short of educational. As artists grace the stage, you get insight into the creative process of each as they showcase their interpretation of Hip-Hop. Being one of those genres of music that is never good enough for itself, you could artists bash the world in their lyrics as they attempted to provide something new.

 My favorite part of participating in this event was the feedback from the ladies. The music industry is a tough one in that is is very physical and based on appearances, but if you want to be real, real recognize. I’m still bubbly over compliments from Juicy Stone and her friend Simone as they encouraged me to keep being dope. While I write what I write and say what I say, I still feel the obligation to represent for women. Hopefully, my verses can give us a response to the music that’s currently out there -and the world- so that we have a voice we’re proud to uplift. I’m not saying it’s easy… it’s a battle I struggle with. Mainstream is the only way to make money, but is selling yourself the only way to make mainstream?

  I met a bunch of brilliant artists that night, that’s probably the best benefit to shows. Baltimore was heavy in the building with Baltimore SON (Shining on Negativity). Being that I lived in Bmore for 4 years, I’ve got a soft spot for the gritty city and was happy to hear they were in the building, with such a positive message. Baltimore SON was also very dope. His lyrics were well written and heartfelt, but still live enough to vibe to. If you have a chance, check him out.

BobbyStone is more impressive than you’d even being to think. With the release of this new project, The New Old School, he showcased some of his latest tracks for us. His flow is particularly entertaining. Whether talking about wordplay, gunplay or daily life, he wraps his words around the music and reels you in. He has a very new sound, but his lyrics are Hip Hop as it has been. In addition to that, this was the first showcase I was a part of where they made time for everyone –and the crowd stayed to show love. Bobby was adament about supporting artists and being there to actually listen to them. He’s much more passionate about being the “Leader of the New School” than I had expected him to be. He’s phenomenal in that he share resources and provides material for artists to promote before and after the show. He puts in a whole lot of work and if you were to hate him for everything else, you’d have to love him for that. Oh & as Juicy pointed out, he’s a black man with a Master’s degree, we don’t see much of that. Bravo, brotha!

S/O to you, Bobby. Thank you so much for having me ❤