Huge S/O to Miss Jessie’s because I actually use the stuff. My hair is natural (no chemical straightening) and the most recent thing I’ve done has been coloring it. I’m a fan of dying my hair, so may hair tends to be on the dry side. Split ends are the death of me, so I’ve always got to put extra oils and stuff in it. My preference is to have a treatment I can leave on through the end of my shower, or walk around the house looking ravishing and ratchet in my shower cap. Miss Jessie’s gives me everything my heart and hair desire. It’s like… dessert for my tresses.

   Miss Jessie’s, founded by Miko and Titi Branch, is a salon and a natural hair-care product distributor. Miko and Titi names the company after their grandmother, Jessie, who is said to have stressed two things: good food and good grooming. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the company highlights the importance of quality hair care. By cultivating products for each woman by definition of her curls, Miss Jessie’s provides an array of products for the natural woman -solidifying the fact that she is worthy of such attention –as well as educating her on how to care for her beautiful locks.   

     The Super Sweetback Treatment smells like bubblegum. Like… legit. I’ve used other treatments and while fragrance isn’t the most important feature of a product, it certainly matters. Of course I want my hair smelling like bubblegum and not some weird, nameless chemical. The treatment is also really thick and creamy. The Super Sweetback Treatment significantly adds moisture to my hair and makes it a lot more manageable to comb through after my shower. When I let my hair air dry, it leaves my curls super soft. I usually leave the treatment in for 30 minutes or more, once a week. You can use it daily, but I prefer to let it sit. The 48oz bottle of this will run you $48.00, which is a lil pricey on my current scale, but it has lasted quite a bit of time on my “once a week” schedule. Fortunately, I got this in a gift bag for a Sharprton Entertainment event a while back. Still, I’d definitely make the purchase if looking for a nice treatment or perhaps a gift.
      If you want to try out some Miss Jessie’s products, you can order FREE samples on their website, just gotta pay $1 for shipping! They’ve also got plenty info/tutorials on styling natural hair and all that good stuff. If you visit Miss Jessie’s online, you can figure out exactly what type of hair you have and the products they’ve made especially for hair like yours!
& waddup, Brooklyn!