Time to break out the peep-toes! I go through phases where I just need to buy myself anything for a bit of retail therapy. Whenever I’m in need, I drop by NYCK at 495 7th Ave., NYC. While the website is a little tough to navigate, I love the store. There is always a good sale selection. You can go in there with $20 and get a decent shoe. Literally. I get most of my summer shoes here because they’re cheap, but fairly well made depending on your taste. Sometimes I just need something, anything new. Especially in the summer time, a bunch of anything wedges can make your outfits gain extra personality.

      Summer wedges are brilliant in that they look good with anything; dresses, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts. I find myself switching shoes more often in the cold season, so I just like to have random pairs to throw on. Truthfully, though, if ever I’m feeling down, this is a cheap way to make myself feel happy at lunch 🙂 & any shoe that people stop me to compliment me on is an amazing shoe regardless of the price tag. Just make sure your shoe is made of leather and you’re pretty good.  I sifted myself a bit of gold with these.

     Chelsea Crew seems to be an old school, girly, classic, country type of shoe. They don’t have a direct website but this pair was on sale for $20, so I had to get them. They came in black but not in my size 😦  With the 2nd annual Made In America Festival having just been announced (GOT MY TICKET!!!) I’ve been feeling like Woodstock has come back to life and the 70s have been revived. The fringe just did it to me. They actually have decent cushioning and are comfortable as most wedges are. The espadrille wedge makes these the perfect summer shoe. They’ve also got these American sandals I might need.

    My favorite thing about this store is that the guys at NYCK are dolls and they always help me out (and it’s mostly guys). They’re super friendly and always willing to help, but not pushy or gross. They always say hello when I walk in the door, and I only shop where I’m comfortable. They’ve just expanded they’re stock and just got a bunch of Bestey Johnson rain coats. They also have a large selection of Uggs and Crocs and were the first place I saw Paris Hilton’s shoes. I love this place for the variety –I’ve gotten my mom a pair of shoes here and they also have kids’ shoes. It’s just an all around good place to shop. 
Happy, happy shopping. I wish you many, many deals ❤ 



“Huge Hug Sandals in Americana” – $54.99 from ModCloth.com