Finally a giveaway!!  As I try them out & work on my next post, I’ll send you a gift bag if you’re willing to participate 😉
      Came up on a bunch of Essie polish.  Tried on Aruba Blue last night & loved it instantly. It’s bright enough to shine in the dark, but reflects light magnificently in the sun. It’s bold enough to stand on it’s own or contrast other vivid colors. For example, I’m wearing pink pants today (lol). Still, the blue is dark enough to mute itself if worn with darks/blacks. I like that it’s a dark blue because it soothes the brightness a bit.I think it’s the same thing pastels do —Check out Hani’s post on Pastel Blues —  I get a little weary about bright polishes in the work place. I want to look “fun” but still professional. This is a fabulous workplace color yet surprising enough to catch someone’s eye on a night out.

So… here’s how to get the goods:

Answer the question: What defines awoman‘?
 Is physical make-up the only thing that makes a woman different from a man? 
What is a “woman” by your definition?

I know I’ve got brilliant readers, so I wanna hear what you think!!!

Email your response to
or LEAVE A COMMENT below. 

I really don’t care how you give me the response.  You can also comment on my instragram or whatevIf I can read it, it qualifies ❤ Please be as free & comfortable as you’d like. All answers are correct, I’m looking for something different to what I already think, as to enhance my understanding. I can’t think of everything but together, we might be able to. ❤

    I’ll contact the winner directly & send you the gift in the mail. Still working on making the bag full of fabulousness (I’m thinking a gloss), but click below to see what’s already in it. It’s a bunch of random stuff cuz I like shopping & giving away a single polish seemed cheeap (lol), but… I promise you’ll enjoy ❤ Don’t worry, I’ll get you a brand new bottle of polish, cuz I’m keepin’ mine 😉


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