Anyone who’s met me knows I love HOV. I suppose that is my disclaimer. Just like his wife, he’s got a lot going on. Public attention has always fueled the two in trying to show the world they’ve captured all the riches… but once you’ve got that, then what? 
          “Mr. President, there’s drugs in our residence. Tell me what you want me to do. Come break bread with us,” Jay rhymes in one of my favorite tracks, “Justify My Thug.” Now that he’s proclaimed his “clearance to the White House” I just can’t help but to wonder what lengths he’s going to for the people. In “Open Letter” he plays around with making moves with Cheif Keef and spreading product through the hood out of spite. He jokes (sorta) about telling President Obama to forget the legislative drama and chill with him on a beach. He’s the only president Jay-Z has supported… In “Open Letter” he rhymes about how he never trusted politicians… you want Obama to quit on us too? Or are those just empty rhymes? Can we still trust you?

       I believe Mr. Carter is infinitely talented –as is the Mrs. It’s near blasphemous to deny their talents and influence. Their recent trip to Cuba stirred up, not only attention-starved haters like Stacey Dash, but the nation as a whole. Last we knew, Cuba was off limits. But the Carter’s know no limits and that’s what continues to impress the public. The only limitation is seeded in exactly who they are. Hov is a regular nigga from the block who just happen to rap. Beyoncé is just a regular girl from Houston who can blow. They’ve tried to go to lengths to show this to the public –with Bey releasing her documentary and both of their teams opening social media accounts. While I stalk their Facebook pages and share their corny love notes, I sometimes feel sorry that they have to have a marketing scheme in order to show who they “really” are.      

I love you HOV, I really do… but only because I listen. I remember your promise: “When I blow, I’ll let them know the stakes and exactly what takes place in the ghetto”. The only issue is that where you’re from hasn’t changed much & it’s kinda Where I’m From. I just wish there were more positive movements now that Hov is in a place to do so. It’s bittersweet because Shawn has legitimate emotions which he has a right to express… I suppose I’m just ready for the album. I listened to Spike Lee speak once and he said never to judge an artist on one piece of their work, they are themselves as a whole. But Jay-Z’s most recent ventures have been for money. The Barclay’s center has been great for Brooklyn’s pride as well as for the advancement of gentrification. The recent news of Mr. Carter selling his stock in the Brooklyn Nets was a keen business move.  Hov is the self proclaimed business man.  

     Perhaps it’s not right to hold any artist up to such a standard of saving the world… or perhaps this is where there is room for something new. Jay-Z (while I still love him) is not the end all, be all. It’s just… the sound of his voice is a hit. My grandest concern is that when you have a voice people listen to, you can have more of an effect on the world than you may know. It would be brilliant to use those powerful voices to change the state of the world. “After he has gathered his own flock, he walks ahead of them, and they follow him because they know his voice. They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him because they don’t know his voice (John 10:4-5).” I’m admittedly an idealist at heart… but the world has changed, which means that it can continue to. Maybe we need artists who not only recognize the errors of the world, but consciously make an effort to address them. Most artists speak on concerns and then never make a move. Others seem to take on a cause because it would “look good”. It’s tough to find something real.

     Maybe Jay-Z is as scared of making statements for social restructuring as people are afraid to call out his shortcomings. I had to quit Twitter this morning because everyone was talking about the release of the “Open Letter”, but no one really had anything to say. It was just… Jay-Z has a new song. Jay-Z is great. *shrugs* Sure… but are you listening?  He’s a real person. What is he saying? Some people are haters, yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel that way for a reason. I’d vote Jay-Z for president off the strength that I love him… but he’s scared of the public. We can rile that man up something crazy. This song simply sounded like him venting. He’s upset. With a wife and a child at home, I just wish him peace.

Real recognize.
Blessings ❤