Marie Claire March 2013
 Fendi’s Spring/Summer advertising campaign genuinely caught my eye. The first thing I noticed was the yellow border, as you’ll see featured in your everyday magazine. Not to say the clothing isn’t amazing, but I think this was a great choice for the season. With the black background, the models seem to fall a bit flat and lack luster. Adding the yellow, you’ve automatically added a bit of feeling to the photo.  If it wasn’t pink (which is my default) yellow was a pretty good choice. 
As for the line for the season, if it glitters, it’s mine. I love anything that sparkles. The line gave me damsel in shining armour, begging for a sword of some sort –but a clutch to match will do. 
Check out the video of Fendi’s Spring 2013 line below 
as well as photos from my fav pieces & the advertising campaign in full 🙂