French Toast with Bananas, Blueberries and Strawberries – $8.25
              XS is sooooooooooo good. 1307 N. Charles St., Baltimore MD is home to 4 floors of fabulousness. The inside structure of the place is awesome featuring exposed brick walls and winding staircases.  After the BSA Fashion Show, we invited our selves to XS because they serve breakfast and Asian food all day.  I started breakfast with pork shumai (fried dumplings with wasabi sauce in them. Spicy but amazing) and shimp gyoza (regular, perfect dumplings). Unfortunatley, we were too hungry to take pics of the appetizers 😦 Then, we had breakfast like champions 🙂 
          XS is a great place for any kind of  date at any time of day. The food is of good quality and decent pricing. The drinks are also superb, from what I recall. The waitstaff is super friendly, which is always a bonus. XS is the type of place you can come dressed up to (for a date or birthday party) or you can just drop in for a casual breakfast/lunch (to make awkward faces in pictures with your friends, like I do). It’s also a great place for breakfast because… some people don’t like breakfast food. There are burgers and stuff on the menu for those who want to eat whatever they want (and the menu is available online). If ever you’re in Baltimore and want a place to try out, this is a great spot. 
Open until 12a Sunday – Thursday. Open until 2am Friday & Saturday 🙂

Seafood Omelet (Crab, shrimp, spinach, smoked gouda cheese, and tomato) with Rye Toast – $11.95

NY Griddle Cakes (aka pancakes) – $5.95 & @Li_Li_Bee’s extras = Priceless lol

@Li_Li_Bee got her food first.