Anna Sui Medium Trip Packing Case – $595
       The fashions of the world always amaze me with the pricey nuances. Who knew you could spend $395 on a suitcase that wasn’t Louis Vuitton or Gucci? Truth is, there are so many different brands out there the majority of folks barely know exist. It’s a shame because each product is manufactured with a particular history for a specific reason. So when it comes to brands, the real question is this: Why do they exist?

TUMI “Vapor” Carry On – $395
       TUMI was founded in 1975 by a guy named Charlie Clifford who served in the Peace Corps in Peru. The name Tumi  comes from the Peruvian name for a knife used in some of their spiritual ceremonies. The primary purpose of the luggage was quality, and in having to sustain whatever it is Peace Corps people do. The luggage was originally high-quality, lightweight nylon. The 1990’s introduced the company to carry-on’s and other business luggage. Focusing on innovation, durability and excellence of design the company is now one of the leading brands in luggage, even having a partnership with designer, Anna Sui , for an exclusive collection (see photos below).
        TUMI luggage is surely durable. To be quite honest, as a girl who’s spent far too much time waiting on buses which would rather be late, the TUMI was amazing in turning the “Stand-by” line into “sit-by”. As I waited for Megabus’s 10:30pm departure from Philly to New York (in the cold) it was a pleasure to have somewhere to sit. Not saying this is what luggage is for, but, in my opinion, it is a testament to the strength of the piece. TUMI casing features a “tough, lightweight, triple-layer ABS and polycarbonate shell” which looks a lot like plastic. The making of the shell has steel in it somewhere, which is probably the best bet for doubling as a chair πŸ˜‰
      360Β° swivel wheels >>> The most important feature, for me, in a suitcase is the swivel wheels. I won’t touch one that doesn’t have them. It just makes it so much easier no matter who made it. Dragging luggage is… a drag. TUMI is actually very lightweight and easy to maneuver. Also, the bold colors (of mine and the Anna Sui line) make your suitcase easily identifiable –making life a bit easier. I enjoy the TUMI luggage. If you want new luggage with guarantees and all that, TUMI is a brand to look into. They’ll cost you a pretty penny, but you shouldn’t have to buy luggage for a really long time. I tend to travel often enough where my luggage ends of tearing and looking old. With the TUMI polycarbonate shell, you can avoid the tearing of nylon and it looking worn. Also, if you buy the luggage in a bold pattern, you can sort of avoid seeing scratches.
      There are perks for the price: Separate compartments, clothing racks, clothing bags. Mine didn’t come with too many extras, but as you’ll see below, TUMI is a pay-more, get more kind of brand. Keep in mind, you also pay a little more for designer partnerships. You can spend as little as $295 on a carry-on –although that’s not a little for some, I understand. Still, luggage is fantastic as gifts πŸ˜‰

       My only complaint: I like luggage that has a handle on the side as well. The side handle makes the suitcase easier to grip when you’re loading into the trunk, car, platform, whatever. I assume they’ve left the side handle off due to the design and how the suitcase opens, but I actually noticed it… so I WANT IT BACK! Just saying πŸ™‚

So that’s TUMI… and & if you didn’t know, now you know!