Had a great time at Sea Restaurant. Was my first time there so figured I’d give you all a lil run down. Chinese food is my absolute favorite. Mr. Chow’s is my world but I can always go for some good Thai.

       It felt like a loft party. We walked in to techno, low lights and a crowd we had to fight through at the bar. Granted it was a Friday night, so there were no complaints on my end. There is a bar to your left as soon as you walk in so that you can grab a drink. I told them to make me something pretty with Hennessy and it was brilliant both times. They had told us an hour wait, but it was about 15 minutes. It was enough time to order drinks, take a trip to the restroom and think about how much you like the place. The waiting area features seating like swings, which I loved. It was just so… dope. The center of the restaurant has this mini lake with a Buddha which is how you get a loft party to remain calm. Also reminded me of the Buddha exhibit at the MoMA, now I’m dying to go back.  Still, no matter the drinks or the venue, you can’t stop thinking about the food because the spices are so aromatic. 

            Spicy 🙂 If you’re into spicy foods, this is a great spot for you. Plenty seafood on the menu.. I mean… typical Thai. I wouldn’t say the food is extra-ordinary, but it’s good none-the-less. The plates are a decent size and the menu provides a variety of options — duck included. I opted out of picking the dishes so I tried whatever came to the table –this isn’t a service provided, merely something I like to do since I pretty much eat anything.  We started out with the duck lettuce wraps & steamed shrimp dumplings. The dumplings were tasty as were the wraps, but the duck had lots of sauce so it was super messy. I was expecting oyster sauce for the wraps but they surprised me with peanut sauce! Peanut sauce is strange but its sooooo good. We split two entrees, so we could taste more than one dish & they came with white rice. No fortune cookies 😦 
       The only issue with the place (besides no fortune cookies) is that there’s only one women’s bathroom. The men’s stall is small but has a bunch of urinals in it (guys are weird). There’s a center area where everyone washes their hands, which is pretty cool. They have the air dryers along the back wall with a mirror going across so you can customarily check yourself out before returning to your table.  (I love a good bathroom lol.)
     This is a dope spot for a date.  It’s laid back, and has a young vibe, but the setting makes them act right 😉  You can dress up if you’d like but I wore what I wore to work: my ripped Caché jeans, turtle neck short-sleeve with a grey cardigan & a pair of chill heels. I was tired & this was a perfect place to sit 🙂  Took my leftovers & remixed them for lunch. Check out the photos below.

Jeans by Caché

Shoes by Zara, Socks H&M