Started my morning with Yoga. I’ve been looking for a good morning routine for a while. This one is simple enough to memorize. The instructor talks over the entire video, and that’s not really my thing.  Frankly, I’d rather do yoga in silence. I also just need something to wake me up in the morning. This seems like a smooth way to start my day 🙂
I signed up for’s 21-Day Challenge.  I like this site because they have tons of videos and you can choose the video length depending on how much time you have to spare and your level of yoga expertise. You can also create your own routines & explore new poses. Today’s challenge was to focus on your breathing –which was hard to do with her talking… but I might just do this routine again tonight. Life is a sport, and just like any sport, you should stretch before and after the game or everything will tighten up & you’ll feel it more the next day. I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen after 21 days, but my hope is that I feel a little more relaxed and the tension leaves my body. I just need some peace, man. Let’s see how long I can keep this up 😉