On a regular night of running the town,  EastBrookFamilia made our way back to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge. I hate to make people look off when they’re driving or passed out in the back seat, but… I had to tell everyone to look –I fell in love. Since I’m new to the city, I haven’t seen all the glorious things it has to offer, but when something good exists, you can bet your last dollar I’ll point it out.  & You can also garuntee it’s the “most expensive”. Smh. Good taste is a curse.
     On 1 Main Street, in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, sits the ClockTower Building – my future crib 🙂 The 20-floor building was built in 1914 by Robert Gair, functioning as an extension of his cardboard box factory and studio space. The building was originally called, “Building No. 7”. in 1998, the building was converted into 124 condominiums featuring a 3-floor penthouse at the very top. The renovation was overseen by David Walentas of the Two Trees management group.
          I’ve never seen the building up close but, as you drive across the Manhattan Bridge, it surely is a sight to see. Originally priced at $25M, the price has now come down to $19M (DISCOUNT!). Supposedly, Mr. Shawn Jay-Z Carter looked at the building (obviously) but decided not to buy. The realtor, David Walentas, described the space as “a showplace, a party place, a statement.” I’ve never really needed glasses, so with the lights on, you can see straight through to the staircase that adorns the center of the place. To top it off, there’s an elevator -___- I mean… this is how you live.  I love houses. I’m the girl who can be satisfied on a date of take-out food if we can ride around and look at mansions. (I’ll marry you, faithfully, if you buy me one!) I take the scenic route everywhere. Homes interest me because they are certainly a reflection of your character. I’m also a big entertainer. I love the hostess stuff, I just wish I had more space and… a chef and a maid.
        Someday, I’ll have myself a crib just as impressive as this one –if not this exact one. You’ve got to give yourself goals! Some might consider this a waste of money but… take a look at the photos. This is what living in New York is supposed to look like.  Some things, we’re just supposed to do. *shrugs*

Photos from NY Times.