Royal. Regal. Sexy. Classy. 

These are the words that come to mind with Naheem Khan’s Fall 2013 collection. This is my favorite new-to-me line of the season. I typically like to introduce new lines because everyone pays most attention to the highly commercialized brands –which tend to lose their artistic integrity having traded hands so many times & being mass produced without courtesy to the artistry of design. Naheem Khan is not one of those brands. The house aims to “adorn” women with the elegance and attention they deserve –the awing embroidery is all done by hand.
         Anyone who knows me, know I’m a sucker for intricate simplicity. I love the use of heavily adorned patterns and intense fabrics if they can be made as classic as Naeem’s line. Naeem Khan captures the beauty of the woman in each piece. Each dress owns curves of its own. Aside from the striking beauty and diversity of the models featured in the show, these pieces would be just as impressive alone on a hanger. Rhindestones over sheer fabric will get me any day as they add glam to sexy. Still, the cuts of the dresses themselves cover the full-body with most being floor-length. Hello Grammy’s! I  also love the used of velvet, especially in the outfits that featured a cape I mean… this is #QueenShit.