I think the one of the dopest things about Calvin Klein Collection is that the men’s and women’s lines are designed by two different people. Fransisco Costa is the designer for the women’s line and Italo Zuchelli  heads the men’s line. Somehow, they match perfectly and it’s always amazing ❤ 
This collection feels like “Batman Marries a Princess”. The colors are so dark, but the construction of the clothing seems so classy. The leather dresses are long and flowing instead of tight and slutty –as is very easy with leather. From a company who practically founded “sex sells” I admire Calvin for always presenting a classy collection with a sexy allure. The men’s collection features fabrics of an amazing texture (it always does), so although simple, even a sweatshirt has personality. Calvin does a phenomenal job with outwear, in my opinion, especially men’s. I love how some of the outfits look relaxed, while the suits are pristine and practically perfect.
The collection is classic, simple Calvin. All of these are pieces that would stand the test of time in the back of your closet –one of the reason I love Calvin. The collection transcends time. Always quite the marvel, I’d say. No matter who disagrees.  
I hope you enjoy the videos/photos of this iconic American brand.  
Women’s Fall 2013

Men’s Fall 2013
Instead of doing a still photo campaign, Calvin Klein released a film for their Spring 2013 campaign. The advertising images for the season (for billboards, magazine, ect.) are stills pulled from the film. Check it out below!
Here are my fav looks from the Fall 2013 shows for men + women