Had the pleasure of walking for Cory of ISEENTHOS again last night. The first time I walked for him was in the Fashtastic Fashion Show back in October. (Click here for photos!) Needless to say, if you put me in anything pick, you’ve made my day –maybe even my week. I was impressed with Corey because, at this second show, I didn’t see anything I had seen before. Any designer who is constantly creating should be applauded vigorously. Each design is made by hand, giving each piece an identity of its own. The most fabulous thing about this is that it also gives the individual personality of their own. Even if you’re not a brilliant pink, cheetah print wearing weirdo, ISEENTHOS will make you stand out from the crowd exactly as you would like. 
         The line features an assortment of products from tees, sweatshirts, vests and bottoms. The bright colors and bold patterns give you a fun feel, but the cuts and designs help you stay classy. ISEENTHOS is a brand I could, quite honestly, wear everyday. Not only would I wear these daily, to do whatever a day brings, but certain pieces –particularly the vests– would be amazing in a club atmosphere, which is where this last show was held. Not only did the models look good, but we looked like we were there to party, too. ISEENTHOS has a very cool and relaxed vibe but an inherent personality and style that could never be muted. he incorporates textures, patterns and designs that are unexpected and impressive –not to mention, of high quality. “Excuse me, I’ma touch you,” I said to one model. Her sweater featured a floral cross down the center with light pink, leather sleeves (yes, b*tch. That was everything.) & that’s what ISEENTHOS does, makes you want to get up close and personal. You want to know exactly what that is so the next time, you can say… ISEENTHOS.
     When it comes to Corey’s men’s pieces, I think the collection is exceptional.  I have to say that because I rarely see designers do so well on both fronts. He incorporates his patterns and textures just as fluidly. No matter the animal print, the clothing still maintains a masculine air as the fit is incredibly appropriate. And Corey wears his own stuff religiously. If my man were to own an ISEENTHOS sweater, that’s the one I’d want to curl up in 😉
If you want to see ISEENTHOS at work, please follow Corey on Instagram @ISEENTHOS.
check more of his pretty dope sh*t below!! 
Thank you, Corey. Always a pleasure. 
Photo courtesy of the lovely, and vocally acrobatic Ms. Olivia Gilmore

Corey himself 🙂