I performed this passed Saturday at the Paul Robeson Theatre. Getting comfortable on stage, slowly but surely. As usual, forgive the curses and pardon my mistakes. I tried to keep it going tho. & Apparently, the best part of my set is my intro… I like performing in person. I like when people like me so… to really feel me, you might have to catch a show. Forreal, tho.
Hope you enjoy the videos below as much as my #1 Fan, Miss Natalie Rose. Check out my love below. If you love me, you’ll clap just like that when I’m not in the room. ❤ 
If ever you want to catch me, please visit my calendar for dope sh*t jwwwdcalendar.tumblr.com
Pray for me, y’all. I’m trying. Progress is a long process.

The first is my rendition of some dude G Money Dogg’s joint call “Get Dis Moooonay” lol. I don’t know him or where I found the song originally, but he sings my hook. 
Messed up a bit on this one but… I like how it ended.
“This a God-given verse, not mine.”
The joint below (the singing part & instrumental) is Shania Twain’s “No Particular Way.” 
I just really like her & the song makes me happy… so I wanted to sing it. That’s really the whole explanation. *shrugs*  lol

S/O to my family. They did all the recording, picturing taking & sh*t talking. 
❤ ❤ ❤