And the only thing I was missing this Christmas was my mommy 😦 So,  I wore one of her old sweaters 🙂   Every time I go home, I end up sick from eating all the dust in her closets (she has 2 on each floor, I swear).  Sometimes, the only way to get an OG sweater is to take it from an OG. Now, this doesn’t have a fancy label, but dope is dope is dope. I wore black leggings and my 12’s. Went low-key this Christmas. Only combed my hair to be kind 😉
The top is a fold-over collar and all of those beads are individually sewn.  The same pattern carries onto the sleeves. I’m actually wearing the sweater backwards in the photo. It has a sh*tload more beads but it was just too much for me. I also have a pet peeve for shirts that have designs on-side-only. It’s like half the shirt is missing -______
Also, went #Diva and wore my satin bow headband from Forever21.  Got is a couple years back & this seemed the appropriate instance to pull it out. My cousin Yani tried to roast me (as usual) but… the bow is dope, y’all.
Happy Holidays.

The sweater above is also grossly dope, also stolen from my mom.
 & I got these PJ’s for Christmas ❤ 
S/O to my familia.