You may or may not know… but I’m doing this film thing with JTGaze Models and Casting. It’s actually… a lot of fun. While shooting with Jay, I get to throw myself into fields I’ve never really been comfortable with and watch myself excel.
 Sometimes, you just need to see what you can do. Granted, I’m not trained in either modeling nor acting –and that might have pushed the “hate now” button some people have tucked behind their ears, but participating gives me life. Last Saturday, I woke up late, thinking we weren’t going to shoot. I started my day by dragging my feet around trying to think of something productive to do. Part of the reason I like to do stuff like this is that it just fills up my calendar. Not to mention, I get to have my hair & make-up done & pretend to be a star. It’s actually quite fabulous. 
I also get free training. Not that my shoots are supposed to be training sessions, but the best way to learn (in my opinion) is to try. While on shoot, I get to meet models, photographers, make up artists, hair stylists and plenty of folk whose handles have dabbled in a variety of arts. On Saturday’s session, I worked with a fellow model who used to do model training. He was totally sweet, but I totally used him as my personal modeling coach. 
The only way to excel is to desire it. I asked for tips and we even got down to my lazy eye and how I can work that in photos. Not to mention I’m 5’2, so I’ve got to employ “techniques” to make myself look longer in pictures. You know what? Modeling isn’t the toughest or most strenuous or mentally demanding field, but it is emotionally taxing. Before I shot, Jay had just finished up with two gorgeous, tall-as-f*ck models. Still, I sat my little self peacefully and continued to get my make-up done.  I started thinking about how different I looked from them, but then I realized that that is what makes me marvelous. I am myself. Instead of seeing our differences as flaws, we should work on understanding that those are the characteristics that set us apart; they make us special. 
Anyhow, this was day 3 of shooting.  Make up by Nicole Jacobs!
Enjoy the photos 🙂

I could complain but… *shrugs*