This. Is. My. Jam.

Groove Theory is actually the name of this duo/group. My whole life, I thought it was just the girl, smh. The pair, Amel Larriuex and Bryce Wilson, formed in 1993 through mutual friends. Larriuex had been singing and song writing on her own while working as a receptionist. Wilson was producing music and the two matched beautifully, so they began to work together.
Groove Theory signed to Epic Records in 1995 and released their self titled album. “Tell Me” reached #5 on the Billboard 100 and #3 in the Hip-Hop category. Meanwhile, I begged my aunt to make my hair curly like Amel’s for my 3rd grade class pictures. I used to steal the CD from my brother and just look at her. I thought she was beautiful.
Amel left Groove Theory in 1999 to pursue a solo career. She moved on to film and to produce songs for the likes of Beyoncé.  She was replaced in Groove Theory by Makeda Davis. With Makeda on board, the group recorded an album, The Answer, in 2001. Unsatisfied with the product, Wilson asked to be released from his contract and The Answer was never released.
In 2010, Amel & Bryce were said to have been reunited to work on another album. I hadn’t/haven’t heard much, but “Tell Me” is still one of my favorite songs. Additionally, after watching the video below, I’m just unsure of Amel. I’m not sure if she looked scared or uncomfortable, but perhaps the reason they didn’t see success as they would have liked is the lack of personality. I’m not a big mover on stage either but… I wish she would have looked like she was enjoying herself & loving the words. Or perhaps that’s just something that happens when you’re singing words that aren’t your own. Music scares me, yo. S/O to how far we have come.
Enjoy the video ❤