Vintage Louis Vuitton Zip-Up Jacket

      Sometimes, my favorite thing about a hectic life is finding a way to get around to so many different events –with different crowds and expectations– and still look fabulous. My work holidat party was this passed Friday, as was my first showcase at Paul Robeson Theater. I needed to wear something that could translate to both events, so I went “chic.”  My definition of “chic” lies somewhere between “I’m too too good to be here” and “I dressed down just for you.” I wanted too look ultra classy because I was going to be sipping champagne with my bosses, but while I’m on stage, I don’t like wearing a costume. I wanted to look as normal & natural as possible. My biggest concern with dressing for the stage is that I want people to be impressed by my art, not my outfit. –I’m certainly my toughest opponent.

 I wore a one piece, pants suit I got at Forever21.  I bought it about 4 years ago when I interned for Baltimore’s Fashion Week. It’s a strapless outfit, but has a one shoulder sleeve that you can either wear on the direct shoulder or cross over. I always try to get pieces that can do more than one thing. That way, the outfit reinvents itself –making it’s lifespan a bit longer. The weird/new/striking sleeve also helped me cut down on accessories. Since my top was doing a lot, I didn’t have to do much else. When you’re really on a rush, choose an outfit that’ll do all the work for you.
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Dress by Forever 21 (straps are from my bra -____-)

During the day at work, I threw on a jacket so that the pant’s-suit was just pants. I chose a vintage Louis Vuitton zip-up jacket I got at a thrift store in Rhode Island. I love the jacket because it kind of looks like nothing, but has a fantastic shape –I’ll take anything with a mandarin collar. The jacket also has fantastic hardware (all the metal sh*t, including buttone, zippers, etc.) featuring the iconic “LV” logo, so I simply couldn’t pass it up. My favorite part about the jacket is the zippers on the sleeves. I feel like it adds a another element of design whereas this could have been super boring and plain. Also, there’s always a great amount of satisfaction in mastering your high-low balance. If you’re wearing something kinda cheap (no matter how cute), be kind and give your outfit a mini-upgrade however you can.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Zip-Up Jacket
Vintage Louis Vuitton Zip-Up Jacket
Vintage Louis Vuitton Zip-Up Jacket, Metal pharaoh & fist bracelets from some random store on 125th in Harlem.

You know I’ve got a mean shoe game.  If you work in fashion, the number one rule for your holiday is –wear your brand. I wore the Calvin Klein “Vivian” shoe. The open-toed, stappy heel had an amazing shape & makes any foot look good. It’s also a small platform with an amazing cushion.  

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