This is an old lipstick by Make Up Forever. Not sure when I got it, but I’ve surely put it to use. I bought it at the Sephora on 34th (between 6th & 7th).  Sometimes, I give my lips a couple of quick swipes and it’s a pinkish purple. If I want it really dark & Intense, I just pile it on and top it with a lipgloss to give it luster. It’s really matte is the only thing but gloss will do the trick
— just depends on the look you’re going for.  
I forget why I wanted a purple lip so badly, but it was so hard for me to decide. As an admitted label whore, I kept running back and forth between Sephora and the MAC at Macy’s. At the end of the day, you’ve got to purchase the COLOR that looks best on you, not the brand. MAC’s colors just weren’t what I was looking for. They weren’t bright enough for my skintone, and I wanted something obviously purple. I’d also browsed through the other counters (YLS, Dior & Chanel) but no one had a tone for me. I ended up purchasing this one & I’m super happy with it. It’ll run you $19.