“Penny Talk” by ESSIE – $8.00
  Bought “Penny Talk” by ESSIE yesterday 🙂 It’s part of their new “metallic” collection. For yesterday’s photoshoot (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT) Shannon had asked that I have shoes, accessories, makeup, legs, underarms and bikini shaved, as well as my nails done. It was a lot I tell ya. Especially for someone as low-key as I am. I haven’t shaved my legs in months. Gross? No, I’m single. I also gave up getting my hands and feet done done. A mani/pedi every once in a while is nice, but I don’t need much. I prefer to walk around like a fairy to get my nails to dry and then to take my time and watch the polish chip. Most of all, I like to do my nails on the train. (Real life shit.) I simply don’t have time and I find a lot of things unessary or bothersome. So, it need to work well and fast. “Penny Talk” did it’s job 🙂
When I shop for polish, I try it all on in-store. I tend to go towards neutral colors, because they go with anything. Metallic colors work well, too. Sparkles are phenomenal because you can just keep piling it on and never have to use polish remover. And pinks just work.  I like “Penny Talk” because it’s copper, but with a pink tinit. I thinkthe pink gives it warmth and vibes with my skin tone well. The polish itself goes on super-heavy on the first coat, but dries super-fast as ESSIE‘s typically do.  I don’t like to sit around for too long, so I buy polishes that do their job and stay on for a long time. ESSIE does it’s f*ckin job. I also tend to lean towards it over O.P.I and I’m not sure if it’s due to the 50 cent difference (O.P.I is $8.50 at your local pharmacy vs. ESSIE at $8.00), but I haven’t found too many O.P.I‘s I like. I do, like O.P.I‘s brush, it’s thicker.  & They have good dark colors. I might buy my black in O.P.I 🙂 
Enjoy your weekends, folks. 
Hope you get a chance to look like money, too 🙂