I don’t even own a TV.  So here I was, having posted all this “inform yourself” crap everywhere I could and I was the only one not watching. Here’s when I know I’m serious –I took it ol’ school and tuned my radio to AM. I’m not sure what station I was listening to, but I didn’t mistake that voice. It was a blessing actually, because I got to listen to the debate.
        I’m not here to recap. You should have watched it yourself. Some reading this might find it harsh, but it’s time you stop letting other people do your homework for you.I’m not sure I have to say much other than that I’ll be voting for Obama come this fall. For the first time, I’ve actually tuned into a discussion, understood the topics on the table and had a candidate who responded in a manner that represented my feelings and emotions. If my final decision is all you’re interested in, you can stop reading now… but if you would like a brief explanation… continue on.
         I didn’t understand what Obama has done until last night. Keeping his composure beside a nervous, pompous  Gov. Romney, Obama did, indeed, play it cool last night. After the discussion was over, I listened to commentators talk about Obama’s demeanor and “lack” of energy. “What did you think about Obama’s demeanor and energy,” a journalist interviewed someone in the audience. “I don’t are about his energy. I know that he cares for the people,” the person responded.  This isn’t the man’s first race. How often do you see Kobe yelling, screaming and pounding his chest? Humility is not  valued in our country no matter how you slice it.  What people want is play. Theatrics. Bullsh*t hitting the fan. They want it dirty but are afraid to say so. I wonder how many people close their eyes at night and wish innocent people harm. I was washing dishes as I listened (I’m a whole woman, yo) and he reminded me of Kennedy. “Goddammit,” I thought to myself “history is happening.” Then, I thought about the evilness of some people and could do nothing more than finish my task so I could hold my bible. It was a vicious feeling. Some people really don’t like people –especially if they’re too good. God Bless, Obama. People want him dead everyday, I bet. Talk about gangsta sh*t. Could you deal with that?
          I’m still not sure of what the Republican Party wants to implement. They’re just afraid of losing money. They seem to want to move it around as much as possible and cross their fingers. They’re gamblers. Not only are they willing to gamble with the country’s funds, but with the future of our people. The first thing Obama took care of were Healthcare and National Safety — very much in line with his understanding of the “role of government” and its duty to protect and care for its people. In one shot, he took care of everyone –everyone, no matter race, creed or location –needs to be safe and healthy. Basic shit. Secondarily, the Obama administration began to work on it’s future –students. Healthcare was extended to cover graduates, loan interest percentages were stabilized and more aid was given to institutions. This administration also had a major impact on regulation for big businesses as well as on the overall state of some industries such as the automobile industry.
Pause: What have you done in the last 4 years?
        I can’t say I know everything the President has done or give you links to all of those. Part of me simply doesn’t want to look all of that up because I work a fulltime job & recapping your government for you is not part of my job description. Another part of me, honestly,  does not care and I think it’s okay that I don’t. I know what’s affected me. I know he’s made significant advances in dealing with illegal youth in this country with the Defferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Although this doesn’t affect me directly, anyone who’s ever lived hiding from men in suits knocking at your front door, bringing either heaven or hell, knows how big of a deal this is. The truth is, you only know what affects you. It’s very hard to pay attention to everything that affects all people. Guess who’s job that is? Yup, the President’s. 
        My concern with Governor Romney is that he speaks to and for a particular population of this country –the selfish.  He doesn’t want to care for anything or anyone, he just wants to sit in a big leather chair and make everyone else do the work. But, for anyone who has been about their business (as he claims to have been) you know that if you don’t do the work yourself, shit wont get done right. Effective leadership can get us there, but I do not think our people are ready for that. We still need our government’s help. The idea of leaving aid to the states would make sense if those states could be trusted. There hasn’t been enough regulation of the states in general. This leads to inequality in funding that will surely fuck up generations to come. I believe America is not ready to grant that much self-regulation to the states. In comparison to much of the world, we are still young.
       President Obama spoke last night of initiatives we should take on “together”.  He mentioned pitching in to update roadways and government fixtures or perhaps starting education programs to cater to whatever American’s might be fabulous at in the future. As I listened, I pulled on my jay and thought about how government is really for those who need to be governed. Some people can’t be trusted. That’s how we ended up on a mass of land killing people by enslaving them to work the entire land. Some people cannot be trusted to think about the good for all.  It is not an easy task. It takes dedication and pure love to care for those who have nothing to do with you. Those whom you might not understand. What we need is a leader who continues to think about the good for all –past, present and future –not just for some. Romney’s platform suggest the money from these programs be given directly to the state and allow for them to “care for their own poor”. But who says they really would? And who would check? And how would you make sure? Romney didn’t have too many solid plans, just a bunch of all-America bullsh*t. I don’t care how energetic he is. The devil never tires, either.
       As I continue on with my own life, I take this very much into consideration: the good for all.  With the blog, my writing, my posts, my Instagram photos, I try to make sure what I’m doing has a purpose. That what ever I did can and should be seen and reenacted. I want to make sure that the way I behave today can serve as a lesson for those years to come. As a country, we need to learn to take care of our people. We need to heal ourselves. We need to finally get this shit together. We need a leader who will show us what it means to care. What all means. How to truly think about the welfare of humankind as opposed to looking as humans as cents to a dollar. We need to work together as a people. It’s really  the only way.  In Obama’s closing, he was sure to thank Romney for the time spent. He ended the debate on a kind not. Romney, in turn, began by saying how “afraid” he is for America. He spoke poorly on what “has not” been done during Obama’s 4 years. At the very  least, we should have a man in the position who conducts himself as a leader.  Still, Obama sat back. Listening to him on the radio, I’d sometimes wonder if the man left the room, but no, that was just Romney speaking out of turn.
Looking forward to the next debate. 
Stay tuned.