Made in America Festival 2012
            I’m always on time, especially when I’m late.  I showed up in Philly about 10am on a fabulous Saturday. Although I can be counted on to miss the bus I’m supposed to be on, Greyhound was delayed its damned self and brought me into the city perfectly late, as usual. I got off in downtown to wait on my love to get me as I got stares for my NY Mets gear. #ThatsMyTeam I wore NY gear becasue… NY is America. As I’ve been reading Mao Zedong’s On Protracted War, he makes an interesting observation of the US versus China. The power in our country isn’t distributed evenly at all. If you take out one major city, you’ve wiped out the entire country, for the most part. That’s why 9/11 had such an impact on us. The reason I wanted to be with Jay-Z (instead of anywhere else in the world) was because, I think he understands that. The world is a lot smaller than most of us think. & it’s a shame a group of us — born and raised here– feel so foreign on our own land. Fuck that. I was #MadeInAmerica. *Cracks open a Bud*

Oh, and before we continue… keep in mind my life is about me. I experience them exactly as I do.  I’m no groupie. As for fame, there are mostly pics of HOV, but the rest are my photos.


Top, “I’m No Rookie” MLB, Victoria’s Secret – $40. Mets cap, my granfathers’. RIP P Deblasio.
My God-Puppy, Harlem. He’s #PhillyAllDay, tho.

On our way to the festival. Advertising was everyywhheereee.


They had this set up near the front. S/O to @Rocawear. I consider them the first, best urban brand. Although they aren’t doing what I believe they should be, they’ve made a mark in fashion history, so #bravo. Jay-Z is the man.

The line up. I went for HOV. That’s all I recall seeing. Everything else was like movie trailers. Entertaining, but I was ready for the show.

Boots by Big Buddah – $79.99

MMG was the first group I saw perform. It was live, but that’s not my kind of music. I went to get a hot dog.

I had to 🙂 The one I wanted was sold out, but this one is now doper because I own it. I gave those crooks $25.

The man himself. My iphone died, so these are Blackberry pics. Sorry all. It’s him tho ❤

Bleek, Jay, Freeway.

Jay + Freeway

Mr. West

He’s always amazing. He loves this shit. That’s the difference. It’s not an act. It’s him loving life, forreal.

Ended with fireworks.
Made in America Festival 2012

Harlem liked my kicks.

Forgot my socks tho.

Apparently, everyone liked my kicks. I now call these bad boys “disciples”. Everybody who’s dope has a pair. & I really was with people I trust in the photo above. I know one more that the other, but #RealRecognize

@JustBeingCarl requires Starbucks & I agree ❤

Breakfast run.

@Allanteuntitled & myself.

@heelsnguitars, myself & @QNallDay

@JustBeingCarl & myself. Love. You. Always.

myself & @TJBrat What a doll ❤ muuuaahhhzz.

@_FangBang & myself #NoFilterBitch #FuckYourFeelings Xoxo

Looovvve ❤

There was a thing to write on when we go there. This is what I wrote 🙂

Jill Scott. OMFG. God sings through her. like…. forreal. ❤ ❤ ❤

Rockin out, tho.

S/O Hip Hop ❤

They did a phenomenal job. Crowd vibed the whole time. #FuckWhatYouHeard #RealRapIsBack

This girl was reading in the crowd while we waited on Drake. I LOVE her.

How we was feelin at the time. Can believe I had to boss half our group through the crowd? People listen to me though. It’s fun being a boss.

Drake. I stood there while he preformed but he’s not exactly entertaining. *shrugs*

Met @_JoeyRoss. Even though I think he was there for Drake -____- he’s adorbs ❤ 

Had to leave the party early to head to Virginia with my momma. This here was my goodbye from @_FangBang & Harlem 😦 Parting is such sweet sorry.