These are my favorite earrings in the whole world. I just wish they were real gold & diamonds -_-

Betsey Johnson makes a fun selection of accessories that are bound to liven up any outfit. I had to grab this pair because, first and foremast, it’s leopard/cheetah/whatever print. I’ll take any animal print, to be honest. Animal print has the fabulous characteristic of blending in (if it has to), but sticking out (if it needs to). Not to mention, I love all jewelry with crosses on it. So yea… for the most part, I wear these… frequently. People seem to think I have an endless supply of things to wear (I have a medium supply) but really, I just learn to wear a select amount of things that work well together. These earrings are a pair I always pack when I travel, in case I want to dress something up or make it #doper last minute. The stone on it also lets me combine it with other really gaudy, stone-filled pieces if I want to really shine. It’s like a statement piece for my ears 🙂
Betsey earrings will run you anywhere from $25 – $50. Some pairs, though, might be extremely worth it. My cross earrings look as good on as they do in that picture. Betsey doesn’t have an online shop anymore, but they do sell a lot of their jewelry through Macy’s. You can also browse online sites like which will lead you through to other suppliers like — who tends to have good sales & free shipping/returns.
Oh!!! & I’ll also take any pair of earring with a clasp hook closure. These are the only earrings that stay on all through the nights you don’t remember. If you want a pair that’ll last you, making moves to keep them in your possession is key. These might also be a GREAT gift idea for a friend/girlfriend/sibling, whatever.

Have fun browsing!