I met @MillsDaComedian a whiiiillleeee  ago. Ok, maybe not that long, but when I met him, I enjoyed him. He’d hosted Open Mic Thursdays at One & One Bar/Lounge & had said a few things to make me chuckle. As we sat for almost two hours, Mills knows the breed I’m from: You better make me laugh, n*gga. Luckily, though, Mills is of the breed that enjoys the pressure. People think he can’t be serious. Still, all Mills wanted to do was ditch the crown and get his interview on. he thinks I was there for the cash (and a little bit, I was) but really, i was there because he wanted me to be. Determined to take advantage of his natural talent to put smiles on faces, Mills wastes no time in pursuit of his goals. 

       Hate him or love him is the deal. Mills is expected to be a fantastic comedian or a terrible one. Towering at 6’6, the former ball-player pokes fun at being confused as security. “If you’re not funny, you better work the door,” he explains. I sat with him for about an hour and a half and we spoke of everything from success to failure. In this first part of the interview, you’ll hear Mills’ true passion and how he feels about taking on this new career –as well as the mission behind it all. It was a blessing to be able to sit with him and explore the truth about going after a dream: the joys, motives and struggles.
       It’s not as easy as one would assume. After a celebrity makes it, all you see are the flashing lights. But what happened before then? Before this, Mills was still his name, but not quite in this fashion. The charismatic, Danny Miller is a regular American. He wakes up in the morning with his first thought being his craft. I sat across the table admiring his passion –which is what I found most admirable. 
       I wanted to give you all a moment to realize that famous people are regular before the light hits them. There’s a lot more effort that goes into pursuing your dreams that we’d sometimes like to imagine. & As Mills pointed out, it might not even be that person’s first dream. With these interviews, I hope to lend you all some advice and inspirations from others who are also currently in the grind. & it’s mostly voice w/ pictures, because you all need to start paying attention to watch people say as opposed to what they look like & what they wore. Hopefully, “A Minute to Breathe” recognizes the respect Mills (like each artist in his/her own right) deserves. This is a chance to get to sit down and know the artist as an individual –not kiss ass & hope he gets famous. Instead, hopefully, you guys will check out Mills & send your support –even if you’re simply sending good vibes into the atmosphere. Perhaps our genuine love for the artists will inspire genuine art.
       & JWWWD only interviews the #Dopest, so *crosses fingers* we’ll keep you updated on REAL people who are destined to be superstars.  If you want to do something, you do it, as Mills told me. We’ll keep an eye on Mills for you. #FOLLOW him on Twitter: @MillsDaComedian & visit his Youtube: youtube.com/millsdacomedian
As I continue to live my life & edit all this material, expect videos to pop up & be added over time. Let’s take a minute to listen to what Mills has to say… and hopefully he can influence you to follow your dreams as well.
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S/O to the #grind.
Much Love & Many Blessings ❤