Mally’s Volumizing Mascara – $20
       I’m a natural kinda girl. I like to look as much like myself as possible… but I don’t mind being pretty sometimes. I don’t wear much make-up but chap stick and mascara.  Not because I have anything against it… I simply don’t have the time nor place… nor skill. lol. Mascara, though, I can’t live without.   We were on our way to Day 2 of Jay-Z’s Made in America festival and as I checked my hair in the mirror, there was no lack of volume there, but something fell flat: My lashes. Lashes are the one thing I can’t seem to leave the house without touching. Even if I put nothing else on, mascara changes your entire eye shape. & Yes, the mascara does make a difference. When all else fails, I turn to Maybelline’s Great Lash in Blackest Black ($6.40). It does it’s job. But the price keeps going up on that bad boy, so I usually only buy when they’re buy one/get one. I’ve tried DiorShow ($25), the other most reknown mascara, (personally) I’m not the biggest fan. Diorshow lengthens slightly, but doesn’t give me the depth and thickness I like. The MAC Zoom Lash ($16) I bought dried out far too quickly & there’s nothing I can do but wait until I have enough empty tubes to trade in for a lip gloss.
“Do you have masacara,” I turned to ask the ladies in the back seat. & that’s when @QnAllDay pulled out my fav new product. & told me I could keep it *heart flutters* *blows kisses*
Mally Beauty was founded in 2005 by celebrity makeup artists, Mally Roncal who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. I’d mention more names, but do I really need to? The reason I liked this mascara is because it’s creamy and smooth. It actually covers my lashes without adding too much weight or making them clump together. The brush is also really nice: round and fluffy. A “hard brush” never ever feels good. Never ever. I liked the creamy feel because I wear masacar every day and –stupid as it might sound– I was afraid of my lashes drying out. They would just feel hard by the end of the day. With Mally $20, if I rub, it will smudge (as opposed to crumble). Anyhow, figured I’d tell you about my random little love affair with Mally’s mascara. This is my vote!  ❤