One year ago, I thought…


“That’s what happens when you deal with a boss,” he explained as got comfortable in my bed. He moved what he likes to call “his” pillow “Things get rearranged. Shit happens.”

I’ve never been so comfortable with a nigga taking over my whole shit. And really, it’s because there isn’t much for him to improve on. We think along the same lines, so there isn’t much he finds to fix except for minor shit like… the pillows. And my schedule.

Today, I think…

“Take your time when you liking a guy, cuz if he sense that your feelings too intense, it’s pimp or die.”
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be unless it is. You never know what a man is capable of until he’s done it. And you don’t realize what he’s not doing until someone else steps in. 
I used to think I liked a tough guy. One who could actually deal with me. But there’s a difference between a strong man and a controlling one. You need to pay attention to that difference. A strong man allows you to be yourself. He establishes boundaries while respecting yours. A controlling man sets boundaries for you. Don’t let someone box your world in or you’ll be boxing in the end.