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 So… I’d had a long emotional weekend…. and was in dire need of some #RetailTherapy.
I stopped into DSW on 34th (between 7th & 8th) and did damage -_-  I had left the store to “reconsider” and give myself time to decide what I wanted –I had three pairs of shoes on hold. As I left, I saw the boots and had to try them on.
When I came back (and put them on again), I HAD to have them. 
I LOVE these boots. I wear them EVERYWHERE to do EVERYTHING. They’re super comfortable.. and I have a wider foot so that’s AMAZING for me. They also get dirty so well, if you know what I mean… I was waiting on buying boots, because they should look like you’ve been a horse all day (dumb? or true?). Cowboy boots aren’t supposed to be pretty and clean –unless they are. Otherwise, you should try to find a pair that’ll last you a while. It’ll be a couple years before I need another pair, and that’s just how I like it. They creme/tan coloring looks worn/vintage so you can just walk freely. You don’t have to worry about scaring or spilling. When I wore these the first day, I had ice cream and it fell on the top of them –sprinkles & all…
So… I just left it there. It looked #dope *shrugs*

 I took the photo up top was while I was doing laundry… and funny how I was thinking about how Beyoncé probably hasn’t thought about laundry in decades. Then… I went to work with them (for their second appearance) and a co-worker told me she saw pics of Beyoncé in MY BOOTS. Smh. What a biter 😉 

Anyhow, they’re by BigBuddha… since I got them at DSW, I can’t point you to them (they’re prolly sold out and they have no online shop), but you can copp them via ZAPPOS.com. They fit pretty true to size… get your size that would leave you some wiggle room, because you’ll want to wear socks with them & thick ones will look GREAT come cold weather.
Zappos wants $89.99, but I paid $79.99 at DSW. *shrugs* Ya snooze, ya lose!

BigBuddha doesn’t have an online store (wholesale only), but you can find out about the brand here. The brand was created by designer Jeremy Bassan after an inspiration trip to Thailand. The company has had much success through partnerships with Steve Madden and aims to maintain the fun, youth and vibrancy in its designs. Keep your ears & eyes open for more of Big Buddah 🙂

& you NEED some cowboy boots, btw.