Tyesha Lane, Founder + Couturier – Glam Addiction Designs
       Oh… My… God… I was really just trying to eat my pizza. But a girl can’t even walk down the street in peace if she’s wearing Glam Addiction Designs. All they do is stare. Men & women alike. I’m not sure if the dress I was wearing is the line’s signature piece, but it has  to be.

         It started out as a vain conquest to realize the name of the night’s event. I was to attend “We Run The Night” hosted by JLynn Designs Co, a fashion networking event at StudioArte in mid-town NYC. The event had been on my calendar for months and thank goodness to iCloud, I didn’t miss out. The beauty about networking (when you know how to do it) is that it doesn’t begin nor end at “networking” events. Once it begins, it never ends. Work also doesn’t begin nor end with a reply of email. I’d hit Jessica Lynn the day before the event to confirm my name on the list because (let’s be real) you don’t think about an event you’re not running until it comes up. So, I started in on my social media promoting spree when I saw a tweet from @GlamAddictionDesigns to Jessica Lynn. Naturally, I was clicking on anybody’s link who had anything to do with the “We Run The Night Event”. The key to networking is to be known, even when you’re not. You’ve just got to make people see your name –regardless of whether they want to. You’ve got to do your homework… you’ve got to know who’s going to be there. After I was done being 1000% business, I got to the real question: What the f*ck was I gonna wear?

      Sequins and sparkles. What more could a girl ask for? Maybe a low back and little hug for my curves? Mostly, I go off of vibes. If I like your clothes, I like your clothes. But if I like you as a person, I’m completely with it. I browsed GlamAddictionDesigns.com  with nothing more in mind than to check it out. But, sequins get me every time. Tyesha Lane, founder and couturier for the line, never shies away from color. “It’s for the confident woman,” she explained. “A woman who’s not afraid to, and wants to, stand out”. I’d add, for women who aren’t afraid to dance through Times Square, spilling champagne and singing Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life,” as we would later prove. “Feels like a good night already,” Slyvia had said before we left the house. My dress had been hand-delivered by two gorgeous women whom would accompany me for the rest of the night. Now, it could have been that we were all naturally beautiful. It could have been that strong spirits connect in the most mysterious ways –like discussing the purpose of life in Times Square, at 12am with champagne. It could have been that we walked out of my house that night with good intentions and Karma knew it owed us… but for some reason, our night was filled with nothing but laughter and bottles of Moet we damned sure didn’t pay for. So f*ckin #GLAM, don’t you agree?

       I had reached out to Tyesha with *shrugs* and *fingers crossed*. I wanted to be dressed for the event. Like… red carpet dressed. Like… I wanted people to ask me who I was wearing and to be able to give them an answer that mattered. Worst-case scenario, she’d say “No”. Best case… well, I’d be on my way to “run the night”. Since I’m not known as world-wide as I should be, the paparazzi I’m preparing myself for weren’t there. On this lovely night, I only got stares, Looooove your dress!’s and Oh… My… God…’s –which was more than I had expected anyhow. As we sat & ate our $1 slices at Halal on the corner of 39th & 8th (being regular, real people) passerby’s would stare the through the windows, while the bravest would walk into the pizza shop just to compliment my dress. Still, the proper response was exactly what I wanted it to be: Glam Addiction Designs. Even more beautiful than that, I was able to point and say, “She made it.”  Even more, joined by Tyesha’s friend (writer and perhaps part-time model), Sylvia, I was able to add “She made all three dresses.”  Walking through Times Square (singing, dancing and pretending to be The Supremes) one guy commented “They’re like… flashy but totally not gaudy.” It was brilliant of him (he had to stop walking his dog just to compliment the dress).

       Three years ago, Tyesha got a sewing machine with no idea what to do. At first, she’d been planning to make t-shirts, but when asked why she was sticking to screen printing, she suddenly realized she was capable of so much more. I call her a couturier, because she’s actually doing the hand work herself. Anyone who has a sewing machine knows how difficult and time consuming clothing-making truly is. Most new designers (Victoria Beckham, The Olsen Twins and Kanye West, for example) don’t make their clothes. They tell people what they want them to look like and then, they are “magically” created. The time and patience it takes to make clothing sometimes keeps Tyesha up until 4am –only to have to get up a couple of hours later when her 17-month-old daughter, Faith, needs tending to. And nothing comes before Tyesha’s faith.

       “How is it… being a mom and chasing a dream?” I asked her as our flip-flops clicked and dresses sparkled. All night, we were having amazing conversation in the middle of madness. As we walked to Slyvia’s to change shoes, Tyesha’s Versace-esque, purple snake skin (skin-tight as snake skin should always-be) dress matched Sylvia’s teal and glimmering black. Walking the streets of East New York, our outfits helped garner us attention we were happy to ignore. “A little more respect,” I had to tell one old man, as he thought “sexxyyyy” was how to compliment a lady (and as if he probably didn’t have daughters our age…smh). “It’s hard, I’m not gonna lie,” Tyesha admitted. “Earlier today she was running around with scissors trying to cut this dress.” Balancing her day-to-day life with her future fancies, Tyesha spoke with a sense of determination and pride but wasn’t afraid to admit the obstacles. Sometimes, what it really takes is your own faith to push you along.

       Glam Addiction Designs has grand plans for the future. The fantastic designer and fabulous mommy is currently working on an #IamGLAM campaign –helping lift women’s confidence– to compliment her Fall line, whose designs are rooted in inspiration from her most recent visit to Rui Negril, Jamaica.  Glam Addiction’s Fall line will bring the passion, warmth and glow of the islands to a closet near you. The ideas, though, do not stop there. With Faith in mind, Glam Dolls –a children’s line inspired by Tyesha’s daughter –are sure to be a hit.

          These are dresses for real women. Dresses you can wear simply to make you happy. Dresses that let everyone know that you’re there and allow you to speak softly or stay silent –which ever is your choice. Glam Addiction Designs grant you an undeniable femininity of a lady with the ferocity of woman. This is a clothing line that defines you from others in the room. Something like the subtle difference between a “wife” and a “queen”. It’s the grandeur of the design. It’s how high this dress makes you hold your head. The clothes don’t make the woman, but they sure can make her look good.  Not to mention, Tyesha’s clothes are affordable for the woman who doesn’t want to wear what everyone else as on. Keeping in mind the individuality  that comes along with confidence, Tyesha’s goal is to open her own boutique where you can find her exclusives. She also fulfills custom orders for women of all body types –from industry size to real woman size. Tyesha picks fabrics that are light, manageable and do my favorite thing in the world —stretch. The 3/4-sleeve, sequin dress I wore was comfortable and airy (on a hot summer night). There are no limits to what she can make as long as she can make a woman feel good and be happy. Glam Addictions apparel range from $40-$200 and they are actually having AMAZING sales on the website right now.

                 I could just say, buy the clothes because they’re one of a kind. I could tell you, if you’re in need of some attention, you need some #GLAM in your life. I could also recommend that if you’re trying to be the center of attention (for whatever fabulous reason) Glam Addiction Designs can make that happen in the best way. But what I’ll say is that the beauty of people pours directly into that which they love. I’d say purchase a #GLAM dress because it was made with love. It was made with the exact purpose of making you feel beautiful. & It was made by a woman who deserves the support because she’s as beautiful as those dresses –if not more.

S/O to @GlamAddictionDesigns… it was an honor and a blessing. See ya on more red carpets.

Much love & muchas gracias,

ELLA (ella, aye, aye)


Dress – $79.99, Tights – $49.99