Exactly one year ago, I thought…
He loves me. I know it. I’d be a fool to doubt it.

I want to be a Goddess to a King. Meaning I want the world’s most revered man to revere me. I want the man your man admires to admire me. I need to be highest up on the food chain. How exhilarating it must be to have the man who answers to no one answer to you. That is power and I am so hungry for it.

Today I think…
But have you ever felt the power of saying no?
 Maaaaaannnnn they want it when they can’t have it. As it goes with the rest of the world –people only want what they can’t have. I was honest with him. Told him exactly what I felt. Sometimes, we give into relationships and the such simply because we’re alone. We try only because we’re afraid of missing out. But if it’s means to be, then it is what it is right? 
I’m tired of pretending like I give a fuck. I don’t want feelings. I don’t have anywhere to put them.