Exactly one year ago, I thought….

Only thing missing is the “Mr.”

I’m not too good. I do the dishes even though I have a dishwasher. 
Have you ever dated a confident man? It’s exhilarating… if you’re a confident woman. 
My cards are up. All trust.


Today I think…

        Fuck that. Get money. Seems like all everybody wants is a little bit of company. Understandable? Yes. Affordable? No. I don’t need OR want anyone in my life who just wants to take up time. I don’t know who I was dating this time last year –which says a lot. This time last year, I was going out on dates with whoever wanted to pay for the meal. I was abusive. 

               I think that people are putting far too much emphasis on “relationships” and not enough on love. If you’re in love, be in love. But a relationship is a relationship. It’s anything between too people. It whatever that relation is. Love is love. You tell me which you prefer, but be ready to get the f*ck out my face. Because even when you have that “love” conversation, they can’t stop thinking about what’s between your thighs or what’s in your wallet –I’m addressing everyone, friends and phony fellas. Everyone wants to benefit from you. A man wants a woman who cooks, cleans, does laundry, and s*cks him off… and they do what? 
              Please. It’s all bullshit out here. Too many men are far too afraid of what is or is not in their bank account. I spend my last penny on myself, because I’m worth it. I want someone who feels the same. I want to mean more than the cash. I lost my last boyfriend because he wanted to pretended to be able to spoil me. If you talk money to me, I’m gonna talk it right the fuck back. He’d have conversations about other girls’ broke boyfriends and then get mad at me over his bank statements. I’m sorry, boo… but that’s what happens when you impersonate a baller. Shit gets foul & you look like  a b*tch.
            It’s not all about money (even though it is). Money shouldn’t mean shit. You should get it to blow it. To live. You gotta give your 10% back to the world. You can’t be so greedy. I believe both people in the relationship should be working towards the same goal –yours may not be money, cash or doe, but mine are all three. You don’t have to like what I like, it’s a free world & the theory still stands. If you want someone who’ll lay in bed with you all day, you need to keep in mind that that person is laying in bed all day. Either you find a way you & him can make enough $$$$ to do that, or you’re okay with your partner being a bum. 
No disrespect, it’s really – factually – one or the other.
I don’t have the time till I have the credit.
Until everything has stones in the setting.