Exactly one year ago I thought… 

I am the greatest people. I know that sounds bizarre but every time I learn about people making big fuckin moves, I think I’m just like that. I realized, last night, that I’m a fuckin Beatle. Like I am an entire band. A legendary one at that.  I also, secretly, 40 years old, so my TV is stuck on PBS most of the time, so when Sesame Street and Curious George go off (quality children’s television),  PBS teaches me. There were 2 segments on John Lennon last night, preceded by a discussion on Media and Biopolies which focused on tycoons like Rupert Murdoch
You see, Murdoch considered everything business. And anything that was business was fair game. He owns newspapers, magazines, TV stations and radio stations. Perhaps it’s just my ingrained American obsession of manifest destiny but it excites me that shit like that can be owned. I want to own newspapers. Magazines. AnythingEverything. And that’s how Murdoch made his way. He owned his first newspaper, Australia’s Sunday Times, when he was 22, and today he’s worth $7.6 billion.  
According to that story, I’m already a year late on getting my riches.