Exactly one year ago I thought….

           It was Friday and I found myself wandering about the city. It was one of those days I pretend to ball out and spend all my cash on a good appetizer in an expensive restaurant. A girl deserves to dine somewhere nice. & If no one is going to wine & dine me, I’ll feed & intoxicate myself. I went to the grill because I’d gone there for lunch with my co-workers and I keep a mental checklist of places niggas should take me for when they happen to have “no ideas”.  So here I was. Alone & hungry. Standing in front of this massive man who was telling me the kitchen was closed. Yup. My new friend works security at Bryant Park Grill
        I’m not sure why I’m so friendly. He’d suggested some places I could go instead and mentioned Tonic. Now, even though the food is good, after dark, Tonic get’s a little too live for dinner. It might be where people go before and/or after they hit the strip club. (I mean, it’s next door. #NBD, I’ve thought about it.) But… I stuck around and had conversation because I’m an attention whore. My friend ended up inviting me to Providence with him and “friends” and “NBA Players.” Are you an NBA player? I asked him, laughing. He obviously wasn’t but it was obvious he just needed to say something that might impress me. And as much as I want to pretend that’s not what brought me out, it partially is. Not necessarily for the ball players (although if one happened to like me, I meeeaaannn… lmao) but for the ambience that is supposed to accompany that. Ballers should be ballers. 
       Sometimes you just want to go out and sit somewhere with pretty girls. Right? So, I showed up.  I do what I want. Had a nice time free of fees with the drinks of my choice… Frankly, this is how every weekend should be. Niggas who invite you out and then want you to spend cash are a *thumbs down*.  Men, today, don’t want to spend any cash. Men, today, are rarely men. What men fail to realize is that, we only come out when a good time is guaranteed. If I go somewhere with you, those costs are on your  tab. If I meet you there, we’ll I came by myself. Regardless of the initial arrangement, though, I always leave by myself 😉