What kind of relationship are you concerned with?

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               REMEMBER: We each live our own existence on this planet. These posts are records of my life & how I registered/comprehended/felt each of them. These are, by no means, an exact blueprint on how to live you life, rather for us to understand we all go through it. & perhaps, you might be able to learn from my experiences. How? I have no clue. But I have no problem sharing because the #1 rule is the be fair and righteous in your relationships and dealings. & I’m 1000%  proud of all of mine. 
ALSO: Please excuse me while I find time to link all the old posts. Thought this would be a good way to help you manuever though ELLATHOUGHT.com, but it’ll take a little man power to catch myself up 😉

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 Real Life Sh*t, right?