I’m going to contradict myself. Because I’m going to continue to grow. With each of  my experiences, I learn and I change. 

In my post “Big D,” I told you all that you shouldn’t talk about your sex life and, to an extent, I still believe that. But… shit has changed. 
         They love me for my rawness. My edge. (I’m not a biter, I’m a writer.) “She tells it like it is,” they’ll tweet & I’m more more inclined to satisfy that character than that of the naive prude. I simply can’t hold back on a subject as heavy as this one. Men care more about sex, they say. Men think about it more. I disagree. We all think about it equally, it’s simply the POV that is altered. While a man thinks about when he’s going to get some, a woman debates when is the right time to give it up. When a man is thinking about the stroke he’s putting in, we’re wondering what it looks like back there. He’s wondering what to hold and we’re wondering what to suck in.
       I’m…umm… open with my sexuality. On all fronts. Whether we’re talking sexual orientation or sexual experimentation. For example, I find women attractive but have never been with one and don’t plan to (until I’m old, married and bored). I’m not overly open, I just consider it a human thing. Most men try to give me this same game –hoping to get in my panties with no requirements on their end. Sex is, indeed, a serious matter and not to be taken lightly. But we shouldn’t guard it as if it is everything –because then it becomes everything. You can’t let sex rule you. 
        I know the power of the P & I’m quite proud of the things I can do with mine. The shit is currency, really –if you use it correctly. It does the same things. It is an exchange of sorts. But the more you loan out, the less value your dollar has. The more of you’re product is on the street, the less the demand. So what you need to do, is find a sole buyer. Someone who’s willing to put in enough to be the only one with it. Now that I’m feeling comfortable… I’m going to teach you ladies how to keep your prices up and your clients happy.
     I call them “clients” because it should be a select few. Ideally, a select one
Get them bids in. #TeamWaitingForABaller or love. Or the double pack. It’s your prerogative. *shrugs*