Above: Originally to Kanye West ft. Beyonce – See Me Now… I wonder if other people change their minds on beats so often. Picking music must be a f*ckin headache. S/O Kanye for making his own.

Above: Originally to Papoose ft. Remy Ma – “Bucket Naked” Shit is fast. Remy’s nice… so I just wanted to see what I could do. Especially since I’m a bit conservative for this topic. Was fun… but… scrapped the music because I have a big mouth and like to be heard.
So if you don’t like what I sound like….  F*ck you.
Yep. I’m so self conscious. & I before I rhymed to each of these, I made sure to switch watches 😉

OH! lol.. & I left this sound as is because… it amused me *shrugs* no other reason than I enjoy being human. I celebrate my mistakes. ❤

& I’m not giving anymore explanations. -_-