He might not be perfect. He might be a flat-out dick. He might be a liar. He might be annoying. He might be dirty. He might be inconsiderate. He might be inexperienced. He might be too experienced. He might be all of these things but for some reason I’ve created a mental portrait of him that paints him as Prince Charming. My knight. Complete with his black horse.

Today is not our day. This might not even be our year. Hopefully, it’ll be our decade. Hopefully. This sounds so stupid. I sound so naive. 
I’m not as attracted to you as I am to him. And perhaps that the most base thing I could say. Maybe that shows my true character. But I don’t know anyone more qualified than him.
& I know this because I would consider staying with him if he were broke. I don’t know if he’s currently broke. I fear is that he is.
Then maybe I don’t have to say anything.
But you’re asking me to give up my princess dreams. Please don’t take away my fairytale. 
I hope you is like this, too.
 He has to know.
God I hope he knows.