I’m hotter than he is. Sounds conceited right? I mean.. I just look really good next to him. I like that. He was strong & muscular next to my small & petite. I might even be too hot for him. Not to say I’m a supermodel, just… in comparison to him. & even in comparison to the girl that came before me (I saw her pics). I don’t mind it. Being with him made me look hotter. Oddly enough it works that way. Same way girls get ugly friends (although hot friends can also make you hotter) & I know he liked it, too –most of the time. I think he liked that I got attention when we were out, but I think the amount of attention scared him. I mean… he was simply aware of the competition he had. Still, he was only mildly aware.

Because he’s been hitting me up. Says he wants his watch he left at my house but “goodnight” text messages don’t exactly say, “where’s my watch”.