Here’s the thing, I think there a very few women out there who are more of a catch than I am. & not because I’m self-centered. Rather, I value myself and understand my worth. & In comparison to a lot of women out there, I do believe I rank decently. But you, doll, are one of those few women. When we went out the other night, & you had the get-me-bodied outfit on, you looked good. Like… good. & I was so happy to be with you. Here I was, partying in the Empire State Building (of all places, although “rooftop” was what I was thinking initially) + I’d have preferred no one else.

I haven’t had a girl to hang with in so long. I’ve got plenty guy cousins but I was missing having someone to drink wine and soak my feet with.

My cousin is beautiful, y’all.

Moving on: The plan is to tell him how much of a dog his is over dinner. Or maybe we (myself and my cousins) get taken out to dinner. Two very solid plans, either way.