Should I wait for him?
The truth is, I don’t know. And I maybe I never will. I don’t want to tell you to do something & have it be the wrong choice.
I want to believe in fairy tales. I want to believe that the guy you love will sweep you off your feet at the right time & that if you hold off, he’ll be there forever thinking about you –and only you–, waiting until the day he can hold you in his arms and cover you in his love. I want to believe that. I really do. But most times I don’t.

I’m ruined when it comes to love. I’m simply not sure I have faith anymore. And it’s hard for me to tell you this because I want you  to believe. They say misery loves company but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. & It’s not that I’m miserable, really –it’s that I once found myself in the same position as you. Wishing and hoping. Actually, I’m still there now, but more lost than ever.
 But if it should happen to anyone, if fairytales can come true, it should happen to you.
I thought that maybe if I could figure it out for you, I could figure it out for myself. We’ve got more in common than you think.
Someone will love you. Hopefully it’s him.Although there’s a chance it might not be. But if it doesn’t happen… you’ll be fine.
You’re gorgeous. You’re funny. Your an independent thinker. You’re determined. You’re motivated. You’re wise. You’re mature and your young. You’ve experienced much. But you’ve much to live.
The way I deal is, I say this to myself: If he realizes that you’re something to hold onto, he’ll hold onto you. If he doesn’t…. that’s his loss & you should find the “good” in goodbye. Because you’ll surely be the best thing he never had.
What I mean to say is… don’t worry your pretty little head off. 
If you want to love him, do it. There is nothing wrong with it. Take all the love he’s giving and run for the hills. If he’s got none, keep it movie’ sista. The wolves are sure to come howling’ 😉