It’s been a while since I’ve sat and actually told you all what’s going on –currently. I’ve still not found the words. I’m going through a… thing. If I were a little older, it’d be a something like a mid-life crisis, except the exact opposite. I think I am self-actualizing. I am on my way to becoming the best person I can be. I feel it. Many of you don’t know me. Many of you think you know me. But, it’s quite possible that  none of you will know me anymore.

I spent the weekend alone. If not most of it, then all of it. I had the day off Friday. So I sat in bed until I felt the urge to move. I decided I’d go for a walk. I tried to get some calamari in Bryant park but the kitchen was closed and I ended up making friends with the bouncer who ended up inviting me to Providence. ” I don’t know what that is,” I told him. “It’s like the hottest club in New York,” he responded… Well, shit. I had to be there. Luckily, I had a couple friends who planned to go out anyways and I kinda, sorta met them there. But when I first arrived, walking up to the nightclub alone… it felt lonely. I had no one to joke with. No one to tell how many cups of Bailey’s I planned to have when we go inside. It was just me and the  haze I live in on the weekends. (I don’t know where’d I’d find solace if not in Miss Mary J.)