There are plenty sources out there trying to rectify issues between the sexes. 
Some of my faves are What Would a Man Do (WWMD) and Madame Noire
My fav fav is myself. 
     Bitch, I’m talented. – Baige Marie

        I can’t say everything I’ve done has been by the book, but All My Mistakes Were OnPurpose. I’m a regular person like everyone else. & I’m a girl, man. I get caught up fast and start thinking everything that comes my way is Almost Love. Between figuring out how to get rich & be dope, I’m sometimes sidetracked and shift to trying to figure out Does everyone Get A Soulmate?  Not as much as I used to though, especially not when I learned to  Embrace Failure. Been there, done that, thought it, wrote it & got over it.  

         First & foremost, I’m single *shrugs* FYI, I guess. I don’t pretend not to be. I can’t help you find a man. I am no dating service. I can’t tell you how to keep a man because I don’t know how to keep your man. I only know how to handle mine. I’ve been broken up with once. And When He Left Me… well, you can read that post & figure it out. I don’t even have the space to recall. In sum, I thought he was the one for me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one for him. So… something must have been up with me right? I couldn’t know everything, right? I’m obviously not “perfect,” right? Wrong. I’m actually great at relationships because I do too much –if they’re working. If not, I runaway. I disappear. If it’s not exactly what I want, I say fuck it & move on.  It’s probably a scary truth for a man to grasp, but this lady doesn’t waste her time (just your money). The key to getting your man to stay with you is being perfect for him. The reason I know this is because it’s the only explanation that makes sense. If you were perfect for each other, it’d be… perfect. *shrugs* When it’s not, things fuck up. & if things are fucking up.. you’ve got to let that ride out. That’s somebody else’s. That is why you have those problems. People are always exactly where they want to be, especially when they’re in the wrong places.


      Somethings simply aren’t meant to be. When they’re not, we do one of two things: Either we chase it and force it to be what we hope it’ll turn out to be or stress over it ending. Take it from a girl who deads niggas from the gate: Some people are better left where they stand. I question what people really want to do with me. All these “friends” who want to call all hours of the night. Hit me 8-10pm #DecentHours. When men talk about being attracted to me, they’ve automatically lost. Granted, I’m as shallow as the next person, but I’d much rather be complimented on my mind. I don’t give a fuck what happens to your johnson when you think of me, to be frank. That’s for you to handle. There’s just so much that I’m fed up with. Seems like a girl can’t make a fuckin friend without fuckin that friend or his friends wanting to fuck. No one knows a thing about me and I don’t give a fuck enough to explain it to them. I tend to want to ask niggas “What do want?” They don’t want me, I promise. They want to see what I can do. They want to say they’ve been here. They’ve ridden the ride. They don’t want to go to Tiffany’s because I know which ring is mine.  & it’s in the last case of the middle console at the Tiffany’s on Madison.  #CheckItOut #BrokeNiggaRepellent Simply, they don’t want my heart. Men meet me & size me up. They consider me a good addition to them and their lives, but I’m a bad bitch all by myself. Not a beauty queen but a Queen nonetheless. Granted, it would be nice to call me yours. You might impress a couple of people with that announcement… but I’m not ready for that announcement. I’m holding out. My stock’s going up. #WhatsYour10YearPlan
         Excuse my brashness, but I hate all n*ggas with ulterior motives. Please be careful. They way you respond to a dog is how it’ll treat. I just got a puppy, I know this, man. Really, all they want is a bone. & maybe you’ll drop something. If they sit around long enough… maybe they’ll get the leftovers. I tend to worry about the ladies, but this goes for all relationships. People will abuse you if they can. Myself included. It’s tough. It’s tough not to pick up the phone and play-dumb because it’ll undoubtedly get red on the bottom of my shoes. When men think you have a price, they pay it. But you’ve got to understand your price for yourself. As of this moment, if you can’t afford a home, you can’t afford me. I’m a woman, forreal. I know what’s what, who’s who and how it’s done.  It’s also tough to turn men down when the time isn’t quite right.  If you like someone… like… for real for real, you don’t have to ask for anything. Everything you want will be given to you. If your partner isn’t giving they’re all, you need a new teammate –someone who’s pulling their weight. If you ripped the boyfriend/girlfriend title away from someone, how long would they stay?  Or perhaps you don’t need a partner at all. 
          Be weary of hoe-traps. Niggas set them and hope you’ll get caught in it. Remember that nigga who you let come over then everyone asked you questions about it? They’ll do it with the next one, too. And the next one. And the next one. Careful. A lady doesn’t need that men running though what’s hers. And if you don’t want to be alone with someone, don’t be. You don’t need to be with people all the time. Last night, as I ended conversations, I thought to myself where I wanted to be. And really, I just wanted to be in bed with my puppy. Just us. & if I didn’t have her, I’d still be okay with spending the night alone (used to it by now, smh lol). You’ve got to take time for yourself –whether you’re involved or not. If you don’t, your live gets too easily caught up with theirs. It’s okay to be your own person. Live out your own existence. 
       No game.  No shame. They’ll try. They’ll woo. The toughest niggas will go soft if they think that’ll make it easier for them to slide up in it. Don’t be fooled. Treat them like dirt if you don’t like them. It’ll have them coming back for more. But for the man you do want… treat him like he should be treated. Let no one compare to him. Because at the end of it all, it’s just the two of you who matter anyhow. & never worry. What’s your is yours even if it’s not. That, ladies and gents, is what love is about. You’ve just got to pay attention. You should  find everything you desire in that person. It’s plain dumb to excuse anything otherwise. Perhaps if we took a bit more time to engage in engagements of that grandeur, there’d be a lot less divorce & f*cked by-product children. #NoOffense, but that’s the real deal. 
       If you want a man he probably wants a woman.I don’t comment on same-sex, I knows nothing about it. In the works tho 😉 — When I reached out to @Li_Li_Bee to join JWWWD Magazine and head it’s beauty component, it wasn’t out of thin air. & She didn’t join just because. I’d seen her around Loyola and even got to speak to her every so often, but I like to allow people to be themselves when I’m not looking. If there was something for me to know about @Li_Li_Bee , I’d have found out. Loyola’s tiny -_-. & Truthfully, I can’t associate myself with people who’s morality doesn’t match mine. We’re online b*tches. I’m a public f*ckin figure lol. If you know me at all, you know I have very, very, very, very, very, very, very few friends –mostly by choice of my own. Some by mutual agreement.The friends I do have a mostly males, but I’ve narrowed them down as well. Frankly, I don’t need friends. I have my mom. My sister. My brother-in-law, my cousins, my aunts & uncles & my puppy. & my brother. I still have him, too. He’s the reason I don’t need niggas.  I’m my brother’s little sister. I’m a fuckin princess. This won’t be easy. 
        There are a couple of folks out there waiting for responses as to whether or not they’ll be guest bloggers on the site but, truth is, until I feel it and understand how to work with you, I can’t move forward with you –it’s how I work life. Being a good person is the most important in life. That’s why I take on a “f*ck everybody” attitude. There’s so much more important that who’s sleeping with who. Seems to me that, when guys find out my bed is empty, they think there’s an opening. What they don’t realize is I have no physical holes to fill. The only thing I know is that I don’t know everything. I’m more concerned with cultivating myself and my mind than cultivating a man. If I’m meant to be with someone forever, I’ve got time. I’ve got so much life to live & love to give 😉 
      It’s the waiting that is difficult. I know that, too. I admit, I get nervous. I get worried. For 3 minutes, maybe. Then I chiggity check myself before I wreck myself. Hoe decisions won’t get you anywhere but  the after-party. Its what hotels are made for. I reaffirm my love for myself daily & continue to understand that I am perfect for whoever is perfect for me and we both deserve for me to wait. We consider everyone who crosses our path a “possible” something or other. Instead of getting to know one another as individuals, we turn our concerns to the physical. The physical ain’t shit. It dies a little bit each day, actually & when the “pretty” fades, what are you left with? If you believe in love it’ll come. If you don’t… I guess it doesn’t matter –but don’t be angry all the time & try to ruin it for the rest of the world –but remember, its tough to love someone who doesn’t believe in it. #CheckThat
S/O to friends. Especially those who aren’t trying to f*ck me and/or f*ck me over. 
So… keeping my business to myself, though. I’m a woman about mines. 
If you’re gonna take notes on one  thing I’ve said, it should be that right there. #TeamBeyonce