I’ve got a million things going on. Okay, maybe not a million, but I’ll guesstimate about 30. Brandon, of  Brandon David Entertainment Group (BDENT), undoubtedly feels my joy. Sifting through all the things you have to do, there is no easier method to deciding what needs to be done besides following your heart. & I’m telling ya, when you get there, it’s always amazing.
     Brandon’s a dope dude πŸ™‚ We’d set up for me to cover Occupied Wednesday’s months in advance. While I was excited to attend, my anticipation was nothing in comparison to Brandon’s. Whenever I “interview” people (and I detest that word) I try to find out what they really want. What they really love. Seeing how Brandon up and quit his 9-to-5 to pursue a venture in music, event production and talent management… I had no choice but to love Occupied Wednesday’s right along with him. 
         These are, in every sense of the phrase, artist concerts.  Performers are granted a 30-45 minute slot to… entertain. I walked into the spot without checking my watch. Having left my ID at the bar after The Industry Alternative event,  I fumbled through my purse at the door –no passport, nothin. Brandon (all smiles) came to the door to my rescue. He’s the type of guy to light up a room with his charisma. Regardless of all the back and forth he’s doing, he glides through the room, checking on everyone he bumps into and smiling as he walks away. 
          Mid “thank-you” I got caught up in the music and abandoned everyone at the door.  The spotlight & the crowd were busy admiring Mr. 88 as he graced the stage – hopped up on pure energy, Mr.88 brought Alabama to NYC, the music practically fights its way out of this man’s body. His raps turn to song & his performance a dance of his own. I was also able to catch, TSM Records –who bring the hood & their homies to the stage (because it’s only right), blessing the stage with nothing but love sprinkled with stories of struggles hidden beneath bars. Next up was Lontast, a BDENT artist who… says whatever the f*ck he wants. This man might have never heard the words “shame” or “hesitation” and the product is brutally, beautifully pure #FuckWhatYouHeard . My night was topped off by Voice & Barz who, honestly, would set the radio on fire. Every song they sang or bar they dropped was catchy and well-placed. Listening closely, the duo also helps out the world by keeping bubble-gum lyrics to a minimum and/or inserting sh*t that means something every once in a while — so whether you want to close your eyes & vibe, or sit up and listen, they do what they do & well
     The most beautiful part of the night, though, were the ladies in the crowd πŸ™‚ (duh). Not that any of them knew who I was until I gave them my card, but a couple made it a point to tell me about who they were there supporting. “Have you heard of Voice & Barz?” one had asked me, “I love them. They’re f*ckin awesome.” “Lontast. He’s amazing,” another had said, “Do you want to meet him?” she’d offered. So while the fellas were on stage doing their thing, their fans were in the crowd doing their job. (Or getting up on stage and providing entertainment when the act called for it.) So, I suppose that is  the most beautiful thing: The fans. Truly, an artist is nothing without them. 
    While an artist experiences a sort of catharsis in exhibiting their art, what that art does for its fans is boundless. We live vicariously through our favorites. We admire them beyond their comprehension. Why we would stand in front of them, reciting the words they’ve sewn together for us (sometimes even closing our eyes and swaying to it) can only be explained by the fans themselves. Why we love them, we’re proud to say, though. Brandon understands that though, which is why he allots each artist the amount of time he does  and, more impressively, doesn’t charge them to perform. With BDENT it’s not necessarily about the money [first], but the music.  You have no idea how relieved I was to have met Brandon –to feel his passion. I’ll work with anyone who cares.  Most people don’t. 
If you’re an artist interested in performing or…. whatever you want to reach out for, 
contact Brandon Burkholder. Good business & good people. 
Seems to me, though, that I missed Power of P 😦 It’s unfortunate since Brandon had previously mentioned to me how dope they are… But dopiness attracts, I’m sure I’ll be able to see them perform in the near future. Until then, visit their Youtube πŸ™‚ 

Mr. 88

TSM Records