The Industry Alternative was one hell of an event. since JWWWD Magazine covers whatever the f*ck topic I chose to highlight in the moment, this seemed like a good one. I don’t know why, it’s just what my gut told me. When I attend music events, I’m never really sure what I’m doing there beside sifting out the dope from the dirt. Most people are garbage –to be frank. Most performances are only semi-bearable. The mic is powerfully dangerous. It echos both the good and the bad. My job is to be as many places & sniff out the dopest of the dope.
    I’m everywhere. Check my Foursquare 😉  The world is mine (fyi, in case no one’s told you). Making it out to Jersey was –for lack of a better word –a b*tch. Not to mention, I tend to completely disregard “press check-in” times. I disregard a lot of shit –because most shit tends to be of a particular kind: Bullsh*t.  

       When I finally made it to Jersey, my phone battery was on E but that doesn’t matter much when your ego’s on swole. & you can’t say nothing to me if my bank account solidifies the situation. Plain and simple, they caught me on a good day. An excellent one, actually. 
      I walked in to the sounds of Chia on the mic. I looked over the crowd surprised to recognize the smile of the gorgeous media mogul gracing the place in a powder blue lace dress laying right where it was supposed to. (She had on the teal pumps to match. Suede, I assumed –I don’t look down enough to confirm that. I met Chia for the first time about two weeks ago –when 2 Pistols performed at One & One. We spoke for a more than brief moment & I left One & One that night with a secret friend. See, Chia and I aren’t “girls”. She’s admirable, sweet and… real. I’m not going to give you the bullsh*t. She’s about her business. As am I 🙂 I saw her, approached, touched base and went about our business. For me, as a woman… there’s nothing better. It’s tough to find friends in this industry, that’s why I quit –not the industry, I quit friends.
        Frankly, I don’t have the time –a lot of us don’t. That’s why we have to dedicate the time to figuring out what is and is not important. What should and should not be said. What you do and don’t wanna do. Who you do and don’t wanna know. I was blessed enough to have familiar faces in the room when I got there. Powerhouse DJ’s Reem & Buddah were in the building –I know them from my Baltimore days. They’ve still got it locked down out there.  It was also a pleasure to hear Missy-B speak as she was the only female on the panel. She spoke strong, too. I believe there is a difference between men and women, but it is certainly not one of intellect or ability. Thank you, Missy 😉  It was a blessing to know she felt like I feel –I support women in business doing anything. If we keep our shit together, we can really move the masses. (Plus, she has her daughter’s name, “Ella,” tattoo’d on her. How perfect is that?)

      I was there in time to hear the panel respond to a couple of Chia’s questions: What do artists do too much of? What can they do better? Missy-B let the crowd know that people don’t like to be approached so much. Understanding that that’s the only way to meet people, you have to approach them correctly. While she’s correct, in my opinion, I believe the tougher part is in knowing how to approach those people. As it goes in every other facet of life, everyone is looking for something different. Some want to abuse you, others want to be abused 😉 Either way… I say, understand that they are people too. & They’re tired. “Get in, get out” –that’s and O.G. classic.

       Advertising and marketing took center stage next. (I only half listen to discussions on this topic. Until you’re Ogilvy in the shit, you aren’t anyone. Don’t take offense, anyone. It’s just that I’m an advertising genius. I suggest you watch and see.) DJ Reem encouraged artists to put money behind their projects. We spend all that money buying bottles and fancy kicks but won’t put money into what we claim to “love.” Man, I hear him –My only counter argument is that when you hear the music packaging shouldn’t mean a fuckin thing. There weren’t any fancy graphics on cassette tapes.  The conversation hurt me at heart, especially when Drewski went on to talk about how music comes second to radio –they need to pay their advertisers first. As a business woman, I understand that model… but it’s a f*ckin shame. I made sure he got a CD. Sounded to me like he needed better music.

        It’s a shame that a convention for artists is more about how to promote themselves rather than to improve their artistry. Someone should have given advice along the lines of respect and take note of your competition so that you can anticipate their moves. Learn to work faster than them. Competition is competition. There is only one best. Maybe someone should have talked about staying true to yourself and to show appreciate for your genuine fan-base. If you carry those people along with you, they’ll always support you. Stylists, hair and make-up only change your top layer. Read books, expand your vocabulary. Learn other ways of saying things. Become aware of the language that is out there –if words are what you work with, learn them all. Color? Learn them all. Fabric? Learn them all. Become a professional at whatever you do. Additionally, surround yourself with positive people who are helping you move forward. Attend events that at beneficial to you and exploit them to the maximum. Take advantage of every single second. A missed opportunity will f*ck you over. & It’s understandable that you can’t do it all. But when you realize that, recruit an army of like-minded individuals and conquer the world. Finally, construct a 10-year-plan –then cut the time in half. Then in half-again. & if the people you’re working with aren’t wit it —they don’t need to be with it. 

          EBFHollywood.blogspot.com. I’ll write that shit right across the front of my cards if I feel like I have to. Call it what you want, but you will have heard the name. H is a friend of mine and everything in the world aside, I can’t get over his rhymes. The first time I heard him, I spent the weekend in bed with each song on repeat for far too long and wrote the review I’m most proud of: Allow me to Re-Present: Hollywood.  And I’ve tried. I’ve tried time & time again to attempt to write for someone else like I wrote for him, but I can’t call my heart to it. While the rest of the world comments on how “catchy” or “funny” any given, disrespectful, im-only-singing-that-if-im-drunk song might be, I can’t call myself to. It’s not that I’ve reserved space on my site for Hollywood, but… until another artist works as diligently as he does, I’ll listen to Hollywood. The way H picks his words seems something similar to a science –yet natural. They never feel prescribed. And while I winc at some of his music –the truth makes you do that — at least I don’t feel degraded when I listen to it. I don’t feel stupider –which is what most music does to me now a day. I can’t find myself singing a hook lest have it affect my IQ.

       You can’t be nice anymore can you? That doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It’s all bling and Jordans  –but that’s all it ever was right? Secretly, I worry for H. Since I’ve met him, people just want him to sing and dance on command. I’ve watched him monitor when the moments require his reply. I’m proud to say he’s kept headstrong. So… no disrespect to the panel, but fuck a graphic artist. Fuck a PR team. Fuck everything but lyrics. It’s time we bring it back to the basics –“Before all the gimmicks and the tats on the faces,” as H would add.

This is real shit. This is how I feel.    I feel like everyone else is trash. *shrugs* 
If you don’t like Hollywood, I don’t like you. 
You don’t know music. So, I have no business with you. 
(@IamEBF_Mizz said that one.)

You all might have his mixtape, 24:7 Listen to it HERE in full if you didn’t get a copy.
 CLICK HERE to hear a sneak peak off his next project. 
HBO Vol 1: My Eastside Story

        Missy B probably wouldn’t approved of my coming at people’s necks like this. But no one is doing it anymore. No one is being honest. When’s the last time someone said how they feel? Allow me to introduce you to Truth. You’ve probably only met in passing. It lives on ELLATHOUGHT.com, though.  You’re welcome 🙂 While we’re at it:  SIDENOTE: I’m a writer. Writing is what I do… if my posts are too text-heavy for you,  click the [X] on the top right for pc,  (x) on the top left for mac.  Out of courtesy… S/O the whole panel, especially those who took the time to speak with me.  Double S/O to whoever gave me a side eye when they saw “@EastBrookFamily”  written across the card with black marker 🙂 You know his name tho.  Luckily I have enough faith in him to not give a fuck how you feel about my business card 🙂  S/O to Drewski for having the balls to ask if he was my boyfriend. I watched another girl give over a CD and say “This is my boyfriend’s” –she might as well have said “The dude who fucks me raps.” Pardon my honesty, but that’ll all that translates to. 
S/O to business. It’s a shame you’ve all never met a real boss before. smh. 
Do what you do best. #Follow.

I saw the flack you were getting on Twitter BTW, but I also saw the appreciation. 
It was an amazing this you did for artists.
 Much <3. 
Hope you like truth. Thank you for having me 🙂