If the world can change in a second, imagine what you can do in a day.

I changed my mind. Again.

So here is the brutal truth: Sometimes I think he is the most beautiful thing to look at. Sometimes, he needs to tilt his head a bit. But then again, same probably applies to me. He doesn’t look good in every photo. And sometimes, he gets a bit annoying but… then again, that probably applies to me.

Everyone wants a hot girlfriend or boyfriend that everyone else drools over because it simply makes you feel better about yourself. Sometimes, we focus more on what others see than on what we see for ourselves.

If he had more money, he’d be so much cuter.

I know I’m not the only one who’s thought it. And not to say that I don’t feel bad once I say it, but I’m very aware of the statement’s validity. Anyone who would like to argue otherwise is… umm… lying. Sometimes I don’t quite understand the women who want a well-dressed man but “don’t care” about how much money he has. Similarly, men don’t care about the money a woman has until he sees the benefits of it. If you’re girl could get her hair and nails done weekly –at no cost to you– I’m sure you’d love the way she looks. Trust me, it is much different to have your hair done by someone else from when you do it yourself. Every woman knows that. Likewise, if your man could rock the flyyest gear, you might be so infatuated with his fancy Adidas that he doesn’t have to take you anywhere. Matter fact, I think a lot of men bank on this. They spend all their money on the newest kicks and iPhone but have barely enough to cover the cost of an Apple Bee’s meal (That’s What I Get) and us girls are so strung up on his labels, we fail to see how little is in the bank.

Then… there’s the issue of keeping someone around when they can’t help you where you truly need them. Unfortunately, love don’t pay bills.